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Where to buy sewer pipe bursting equipment for plumbing contractors


Pipe bursting has come to replace traditional methods that were not only inconvenient but also not as smart and clean. Pipe bursting involves drilling through the ground with bits or smaller radiuses forming trenchless sewers and pathways for other products such as water. Sewer trenches seem to be the most affected and one will notice that their sewer isn’t in proper condition when it starts producing a foul smell or when you start finding wet patches and paddles of water on your yard. The trenchless technology has been taking over more specifically, the plumbing industry since the late 90s. Currently, plumbers with machines capable of employing this technology have higher chances of winning contracts than those still using traditional methods. Getting the machines may prove to be a difficult task and that is why we have chosen to dig deep and help you find where you can get the best.

Quality is obviously the first thing a contractor is looking for when buying his equipment. The quality of pipe bursting machines can be measured using different diverse parameters which include:

The Hydraulic Power

one should go for equipment that has an efficient hydraulic system as the pipe bursting technology hugely relies on this. A good hydraulic power not only makes the digging smooth but also lowers the level of impact that the machine has on nearby structures. It should also be able to do all these smoothly without any complications. Hence depending on the type of machine you buy and where you buy it from, you may likely find an equipment that doesn’t meet this condition or one that breaks down when it encounters an obstacle.

The equipment’s safety

Depending on where one buy’s their machine, it may or may not come with trench boxes that have been integrated into it as part of safety precaution. Safety in pipe bursting is totally essential and shouldn’t be taken for granted. Trench boxes will help the plumber reduce the impact associated with special thrust bracing and the shoring caused as one absorbs the puller forces. This is of great advantage to the plumber especially when the ground being dug is in poor condition and not favorable.

Extra services provided

Buying an equipment shouldn’t just stop at that. Most of the time, the buyer needs expert training and professional advice on how to use the equipment. The buyer should therefore inquire is the company he is buying from offers these after-sale services. It is important to note that while other after-sale services are paid for, there are others that are free. It is therefore essential that one weighs his options by doing a sweep of many buyers.

The above conditions should be sufficient to help you find the perfect place to buy your sewer pipe bursting equipment. If all these are put in to consideration. Your plumbing contractors will have an easy time doing their work and your customers too will be satisfied by the kind of services you provide.

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