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Top XX Accessories to Have when Customizing Your Medical Carts


medication cart with computer

The incorporation of technology into the medical field has had an immense impact on the way patients are cared for. With enormous advancements in both fields, people’s health and overall life expectancy are better than ever before. By creating such a high standard in healthcare, medicine and technology have become inseparable.

One piece of equipment that is now indispensable in hospitals is the medication cart with a computer. It serves as a tool for both doctors and staff to deliver quick, efficient, and quality care for the patient. Although there are many different brands and customizations, there are a few accessories that every cart should have.

  1. Drawers. With so many different medications and devices that may be needed, having a place to put them is a plus. Instead of running back and forth between cabinets and patient, health workers have can easily access everything they need right in the carts’ storage spaces.
  2. Computers. It goes without saying that having a computer in the hospital room is a must. Things like patient history, x-rays, previous records, and other things are right at the fingertips of doctors and staff, making everything much more convenient. In addition, the same cart can be wheeled to multiple rooms throughout the day, eliminating the need for carrying around piles of records.
  3. Power source. Since they perform so many functions that require electricity, all carts should be connected to a power source. Using a traditional wall plug as the main power source takes away from the cart’s mobility and to a degree defeats the purpose. Some companies offer heavy duty rechargeable batteries, which can last for a very long time. Uninterrupted work is very valuable in hospitals.
  4. Vitals care devices. Monitoring of heart rate, blood pressure, blood sugar, and others can all be done with devices which are part of the cart. IV poles can also come in handy.
  5. Printers and scanners. Given all the documents which may be handed back and forth, having a scanner on the cart for them makes things a bit more convenient. Being able to print out things like wristbands right there on the spot can also save some time, which can be invested in other patients.
  6. Workspace. Having extra space to work on can be useful. This is why some carts include a tabletop extension.
  7. Wheels. With all these additional accessories, their weight can add up. Providing durable wheels that can roll easily is crucial to having a productive cart that will last a long time.

When putting a medication cart with computer together, knowing what it will be used for can help with deciding on which accessories to add. Once they are employed in the workplace, a rise in the quality and efficiency of patient care is certain.

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