Home Real Estate Top Five Things to Consider Before Your Next York, PA Siding Project
Top Five Things to Consider Before Your Next York, PA Siding Project

Top Five Things to Consider Before Your Next York, PA Siding Project


If you are looking to have siding work of any kind performed on your home soon, there are a number of things to consider beforehand. Home improvement tasks are very important parts of not only keeping up the appearance of your home but also its maintenance and functionality. Siding York, PA is an especially important aspect of this as it helps to protect it from the harsh weather that it sometimes experiences during the colder months. To keep things simple, here are 5 specific things to keep in mind:



Renovation and New Installation Are Different Tasks

Renovating and installing new siding is not at all the same thing and this is something that homeowners should definitely be aware of. New installations tend to take more time but can also be easier just for the simple fact that there is no existing siding to work around. When renovating, inspecting each area to see what needs to be done can be extremely time consuming.

Quality Grade

Next, it is also important to realize that not all siding materials are created equally. These products are issued grades based mainly on the thickness. While you may think there isn’t much difference in .04 of an inch, the fact of the matter is that it can be massive. Lower grade siding may look just as good as its higher rated counterparts, but it tends to split much faster, as well as deteriorating at a more rapid pace.

Repair or Replace

When deciding whether to replace existing siding or simply repair what is already there, having an inspection performed by a trustworthy, local contracting expert is really the best way to go. If your current siding is only in need of a few small repairs and improvements here and there, then there is probably no need for a full replacement. On the other hand, if you are going to have to tear off entire sections and try to match them perfectly with newer products, this can many times be a daunting task.

Vinyl or Cement Board Siding

Both have their advantages and, in all honesty, very little downside. Vinyl is a very popular choice; it looks great, is very affordable, and can go on just about any home. On the other hand, cement board siding is extremely durable and can stand up to some of the most serious weather conditions. The one drawback to this option is the fact that it is a painted material and may need more aesthetic maintenance that vinyl.


PA Siding

Who Is Going to Do the Work?

In all this discussion and focus on the details of the materials and labor, let’s also not forget about the most critical part of your project of all; finding a local company that can get the job done correctly. Home improvement chores involving siding in York, PA are very common, but high-quality work rarely is. If you are going to take weeks or even months deciding on colors and styles, take at least a little time to research the contractors in your area and look into their reviews and portfolios. This will help you rest easier knowing the wellbeing of your home is in skilled hands.

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