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How a Digital Menu Boosts Dealer Profits?

Digital Menu

Over the past decade, the food service industry has moved from traditional paper menus and started to rely on digital menu boards. There are many advantages of using digital menu boards, from remote management to having visually appealing digital menu boards that help attract customers. Without a doubt, digital menu boards, along with other types of digital signage, have become an indispensable tool for a business’s marketing strategy. These are a few ways in which a digital menu can pump up your restaurant’s profits.

Entice Customers with Attractive Images

Being able to view appealing images of various menu options helps customers make better decisions when it comes to their order. According to a study conducted by Iowa State University, attractive visuals have a direct impact on the decisions of consumers. Visually appealing digital menu boards can also be used as an attractive way to display new items on the menu to increase sales.

Get Customers Through the Door

Restaurants can use attractive digital menu boards to attract customers into their restaurant. By placing these digital menu boards in areas where there is heavy foot traffic, restaurants can attract customers who will get a chance to stop and select the food they want before entering the restaurant. Rather than placing a traditional menu board outside a restaurant, using a digital menu board is a wonderful way to engage customers and pique their interest in your menu offerings.

Easily Rotate the Menu

One of the difficulties that restaurants face is rotating the menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This is especially true for restaurants that offer a varied menu throughout the day. Not rotating all the menu boards of a restaurant can make it confusing for the customers, who won’t know their options. The best thing about using digital menu boards is that they can be programmed to change the menu on display, eliminating the confusion that customers go through when entering a restaurant. Furthermore, the easily configurable software of digital menu boards makes it easier for restaurants to program the menu boards remotely. This ensures that all of the digital menu boards outside and inside a restaurant rotate simultaneously throughout the day.

Display Daily Specials

Rather than using sandwich boards and chalkboards, restaurants can use digital menu boards as a more attractive way to highlight daily specials. Since the software of digital menu boards are easy to configure, it can be pre-set to change daily to display featured items on the menu. With time-parting and day-parting capabilities of digital menu boards, restaurants have an easier and more efficient way of updating their chef specials.

Great for Upselling

Since digital menu boards can feature content that can be pre-set to rotate and change, this makes it an excellent tool for those restaurants that offer combos or add-ons such as fries, drinks or dessert. With the help of digital menu boards, restaurants can easily include daily promotions to trigger upsells while rotating their content. This is a great way to display promotions that would otherwise go unnoticed by the customer.

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