Home Construction 5 Fundamentals Of Choosing A Carpet For Your Home
5 Fundamentals Of Choosing A Carpet For Your Home

5 Fundamentals Of Choosing A Carpet For Your Home


While the flooring of a house makes for a rock solid foundation, the carpet adds to its aesthetics by bringing in a much needed colour to the nudes and monochromes of the floor tiles. Hence while the floor brings in functionality to a room, the carpet adds beauty and character. In fact strategic placements of carpets across the room serve a variety of other purposes too like:

  • Protecting the floor from damage in areas experiencing high traffic,
  • Serving as a cover-up for places which are heavily scratched or dented,
  • Protecting the floor from the fading effect of the ultraviolet rays of the sun,
  • Absorbing noises in a room,
  • Providing much needed comfort and warmth underfoot etc.

Hence the choice of the carpet attains utmost importance here for it is the choice which will help define both its aesthetics and functionality. It is thus imperative that the following points be kept in mind and given their due deliberation before making the final choice and buying a carpet surface flooring for one’s home.

  • Padding: The importance of the padding lies in the fact that it is responsible for providing the required support and strength to the carpet. This in turn enables the carpet to ensure a cushioning effect which feels nice and comfortable underfoot. Typically the rule says that for areas experiencing high traffic, the padding needs to be firm and dense while those placed in the guest rooms or in places rarely used, need not be that firm or dense.
  • Style: The pile or the carpet surface comes in many styles like Berber, Saxony, plush, frieze or textured. These styles further depend on the way the yarn tufts are left to appear on the surface. Hence they may either be cut straight across, folded into loops or a mixture of the two. The choice of the style, however, depends on the lifestyle of the family buying the carpet. Thus while Saxony and plush are ideal for areas with low-traffic, Berber and textured are meant for high traffic areas. The Frieze is a fancy carpet which makes for a beautiful addition to any room.
  • Patterns and colours: Even though this depends exclusively on individual choice, with the innumerable choices and options on offer for both colour combinations and patterns, making a choice can seem quite daunting. Some clichés which rarely go wrong are:
    • Cool greens and blues make for a peaceful and calm room,
    • Golden shades and warm red hues make for a cozy and romantic space,
    • Light colours virtually increase the space of a room,
    • Dark colours tend to make the rooms feel small,
    • Neutrals should always be paired with bold colours so that the rooms do not look plain and monotonous etc.
  • Maintenance: This gains importance taking into consideration the fact that today life has become quite fast paced where time is paucity. Hence carpets requiring high-maintenance should be bought only if the required maintenance can be regularly done. Today, innovative technology has made it possible for many carpets to be manufactured which require much less maintenance yet fulfil all the traditional requirements of a carpet.
  • Warranty: While warranties are generally associated with electronic goods, most tend to overlook the fact that even carpets come with warranties. But before committing to buy a carpet, it is imperative that the warranty of the same be looked into and the maximum protection needs to be sought for the money invested.

Of course the budget of the carpet to be bought plays the most important role in this expedition and the need of the buyer is to get the best value for the money invested. Hence the above points when deliberated on will help set the correct pace and facilitate the buying of a perfect carpet.

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