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Calls for Improved Transparency at Telstra After Network Operations Failure

(999) 111-1111 (999) 999-9999 Australian mobile networks giant, Telstra, has been struck with infrastructure failure incidents one too many in the past three months. Users have experienced disrupted service to their collective inconvenience and businesses could have lost 100s of millions of dollars during the unannounced network operations downtime. Formal statements have been put out […]

11 Important Facts of Streaming Library on Android

Cisco Announces New Digital Network Architecture – Faster Customer Digital Transformation

A new level of efficient networking has been introduced by Cisco, the networking technology giant. The apply named DNA (Digital Network Architecture) comes in addition to the already successful data center focused ACI (Application Centric Infrastructure) to spread the policy already wildly efficient and software strategy to all areas of a network. This will propagate […]

11 Important Facts of Streaming Library on Android

SharePoint 2016 to give best results with Office Online Server – Exchange Server optimization

Microsoft’s upcoming Sharepoint 2016 product for businesses working on massive amounts of work files on a central storage locations will bring a lot of advantages that are sure to get users of previous versions rushing on board. However, the use of Sharepoint 2016 without the inclusion of services from Office Online is a short deal […]

11 Important Facts of Streaming Library on Android