Home Beauty Applying Blue Sky Gel Nail Polish For The First Time? Here Are The Steps
Applying Blue Sky Gel Nail Polish For The First Time? Here Are The Steps

Applying Blue Sky Gel Nail Polish For The First Time? Here Are The Steps


If you are into nail polish, then chances are you are always looking for new products to try out.. Indeed, there are so many on the market today that it can be difficult to make heads or tails of it. However, one of the trendiest products out there today would be the Blue Sky Nail polish. Customers all over the world have raved over this unique nail polish and how wonderfully picturesque it makes their nails feel. If you have recently purchased this product, then first of all congratulations are in order. Secondly, you probably want to know how to properly apply this product.

Here are some steps you should keep in mind:

Buff your nails.

This is an important first step, and it’s one that many have a tendency to overlook. However, making your nails smooth is kind of laying a foundation for a house. With smooth nails, there is a better chance that the nail polish will remain crack free. THen you should use your bluesky cleanser wipes to keep the nails clean. Finally, you should apply the base coat and your nails will be fully prepared.

Cap off your nails.

THe next thing to do would be to tie off your nails, capping them so that they won’t touch the skin around the nails of the cuticles. They will be less likely to flake off. Another part of this step would be to place your hand in the Blue Sky and time it exactly for 30 seconds. You should avoid touching your nails right after this step.

Choose your shade, apply the color, and make sure you go through the process exactly.

There are several colors to choose from in your personal kit. You want to apply the color in the same manner as the base coat-as thinly as possible. You should place your hand in the blue sky lamp, and do it this time for sixty seconds.

Apply the Blue Sky top coat.

Finally, you should apply the top coach much in the same manner that you did the initial coat. You should be aware of the skin around your nail, and take specific care not to smear the polish around this area. You should use the Blue Sky wipes so that any sticky residue does not remain on your nails or skin. This will create a nice shine and finish for your nails.

Finally, you should follow the handy tips for making your Blue Sky nail experience go without a hitch.Of course, there are certain handy tips you should keep in mind. First of all, you should definitely apply all of the coats in a thin layer in order to keep the gel from peeling or lifting. Second, you should keep your nails completely flat under the lamp so the gel does not get runny. You should wipe any gel that gets on your skin with a cleaning wipe, and you should ensure the gel is completely dry after curing it. Finally, you need to store your gel in a dark place and at room temperature in order to ensure they don’t get corrupted by the light.

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