Home Health All you need to know about laser treatment for spider veins on face
All you need to know about laser treatment for spider veins on face

All you need to know about laser treatment for spider veins on face


❖Spider veins or medically known as telangiectasia or even venula ectasias are really tiny red or blue or purple colored thread like veins on the facial skin surface.

They are known as spider veins because of the fact they appear to be like spider’s webs. They are dilated perpetually and are visibly prominent. These appearances can be caused because of increased pressures on these veins. They are not just limited to the face, but can also appear on any part of the body. Other than a person’s face, they tend to appear on a person’s thighs, ankles, and even calves and buttocks.
❖The spider veins can be cured and treated with the help of a revolutionary and specifically designed laser treatment. The laser treatment for spider veins can be undertaken at your health care provider’s clinic, while you are under anesthesia. The beam of the laser is directly focused on your spider veins, but measures are taken to avoid any potential damage to the surrounding skin tissues. The laser, when heated properly can help destroy the vein completely until it is reabsorbed into the skin and body and eventually disappearing.
❖The laser tends to pierce the skin, penetrate the blood vessels present inside, and because of the heat present in the laser, the spider veins tend to dissolve and collapse. After the laser treatment for spider veins is done away with, your tissues and cells are now in the process of renewal. All this is done without damaging any surrounding part of your surrounding tissues and cells.
❖Because of the usage of local anesthesia, the laser treatment would not really hurt you. You might feel a slight sensation because of laser beam fire, it must be a tingling sensation and nothing else. With the advances in technology, the laser treatments now have cooling systems. Because of this, the tips of the lasers are stopped from becoming too hot to handle by a person undergoing them. This can lead to the prevention of burns and damages.
❖There is no exact cure for spider veins. However, the laser treatment for spider veins could mean that there would not be a further growth of more spider veins. The development of new ones could be thus prevented. The existing spider veins could dramatically disappear and give you a better looking youthful skin. This can also further balance out the color pattern of your face.

  • Once you have undergone the laser treatment for spider veins, you would not be able to see immediate results. The results would be visible gradually. The color of your skin would change gradually from blue to red and then disappearing to a normal skin color in about 4-6 weeks, or sometimes even around the first two weeks. The areas that are treated with the lasers would be visibly clearer, the skin would improve gradually with successive treatments. The laser treatments are thus the most trusted option when it comes to curing spider veins.
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