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6 Ways Singing Lessons Can Help Your Voice

6 Ways Singing Lessons Can Help Your Voice


Everyone sings; it doesn’t matter how well we do it, breaking out in a song when the moment grabs us is a universal urge. Some of us do it professionally while others sing in the safe confines of their showers or cars. Regardless of the where or why one thing is for certain: singing can really lift your spirits and put a smile on your face. Not all of us are gifted vocally; most tend to sing away from the crowds despite their love for it. Sometimes, even gifted singers are unaware of the breadth and potential of their vocal talents; they remain stuck at singing songs they can mimic best. Let me tell you how singing lessons can help you exploit the full potential of your vocal cords: 

1) Discover Your Vocal Range: If you don’t know what your vocal range or voice type is, chances are you will be picking songs that are doing your voice no favors. A good singing teacher will help you identify your vocal range, and you will be singing like a pro in no time.

2) Expand Your Vocal Range: An extensive vocal range will help you sing any song effortlessly, no matter how difficult it may seem. Singing lessons will help you expand your vocal range. With correct tutoring, you will be hitting high and low notes without straining your voice. 

3) Pitch Perfect and No Longer Tone-Deaf: As a singer, it is important to understand the technical nuances of a song; you may have a melodious voice but identifying the correct tone and pitch could still be challenging. As a result, your singing voice could end up being too flat (low), or too sharp (high). Singing lessons will help you identify musical scales, and hit all the right notes. 

4) Control and Balance: Many singers find their voice cracking or breaking when they hit a particularly high or low note. With proper technique, you will learn to balance your vocal registers, which will then help you control your voice. Once you have learned to control your voice, you will be able to navigate any song confidently.

5) Stronger Singing Voice: If you are a professional singer and performer, your singing voice will need to be strong so you can project it across the room. Certain exercises for the throat muscles, along with proper breathing techniques, can help you use your vocal cords efficiently for better and stronger singing (you will be able to hit all those high notes with power). Your articulation and voice projection will improve immensely.

6) Vocal Exercises: As a singer, you will have to train, rest, and take care of your voice. You will learn different vocal exercises, including warm-up techniques, for your voice. Simple things like a warm-up session before singing can help get the blood flowing, and clear up your vocal folds. Vocal exercises will help keep your voice healthy and prevent straining or injury. 

These are just a few ways singing lessons can enhance and change the quality of your singing voice. If you would like to know more, contact me at 021 187 2432. We can discuss your specific goals and find a program that is tailored for your singing needs.  

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