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What You Should Know Before You Go For Dental Cleaning Michigan City

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Dental Cleaning Michigan City


Teeth cleanings are not only important for maintaining clean teeth – they nurture a healthy mind and body as well.

Today we’re going to outline what you should know and expect during your next dental cleaning in Michigan City.


Many people see the mouth as separate part away from the rest of their body. But the reality is that it’s all connected, and issues in your mouth can cause or even act as an indicator of disease in other parts of your body, including dementia and heart disease.


Teeth cleanings are an essential part of keeping your mouth and the rest of your body disease-free.  And even though dental cleaning in Michigan City is routine, there are some things you need to know.


What Should You Expect During a Teeth Cleaning?


A professional is performed by the hygienist using tools to remove tartar from your teeth, both above and below where the gum meets the tooth.


Your hygienist should explain what work is being done, why it’s being done, and why your teeth may be sensitive or why your gums are bleeding. Your dentist or hygienist should educate you regarding proper brushing and flossing technique.  Use this as an opportunity to get a full demo of what you should be doing at home to keep your mouth disease-free and healthy.


While you’re there for your dental cleaning in Michigan City, ask your dentist for a diagnosis for stage of gum disease. This will give you some idea of where to go from here.   Following is information regarding the types of gum disease.


No Gum Disease:  This is the best and what you should aim for at each teeth cleaning. There’s no bleeding when the dentist flosses your gums or puts the probe inside your pockets to measure them.


Type I – Gingivitis:  Gingivitis is very common and approximately 80% of people in the United States have it.  If you have gingivitis, your gums bleed when you floss or when the dentist measures your pockets.


Type II – Early Periodontitis:  At this stage, you’ve had gingivitis for some time and it has progressed to something more serious. Your dentist might tell you that you have deep pockets. Your gums are bleeding when flossed or probed.


Type III, IV, and V – Moderate to Severe Periodontitis:  At this stage, you also have deeper pockets and bleeding gums. As the severity increases, it gets more and more difficult to get healthy again.


After the Dental Cleaning in Michigan City


No matter whether you have gum disease or not, or what stage gum disease you have, your oral hygiene at home is critical. Follow through after your teeth cleaning is everything.


Make sure you are brushing and flossing after meals, or at least twice per day and eating a diet rich in vegetables.  Make an appointment for every three months if you have gum disease, or every six months if you don’t have gum disease and are just maintaining good health.


If it’s time for your next dental cleaning in Michigan City – don’t put it off – call our office today to schedule an appointment!

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