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What Are The Benefits Of Homeopathic treatment for Glaucoma?

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Homeopathic treatment for Glaucoma

Suffering from glaucoma?  Regular exercise and relaxation techniques can be beneficial for lowering eye pressure and may have a positive impact on your overall health and other glaucoma risk factors such as high blood pressure.

But many are turning to other methods to treat glaucoma.  So today we’re going to discuss some alternative treatments such as homeopathic treatment for glaucoma

Glaucoma is typically a result of elevated eye pressure caused by a buildup of the fluid that flows throughout your eye. Under normal conditions, the fluid drains into the front of the eye via tissue at the intersection where the iris and cornea meet. When too much fluid is produced, or the drainage system doesn’t work properly, the fluid can’t flow out at its normal rate and pressure builds.


Homeopathy has been used since the 1800’s for the treatment of glaucoma.

Homeopathic remedies for Glaucoma

Phosphorus is one of the top remedies used in the treatment of glaucoma when the optic nerve is damaged. It’s used when the patient experiences constant tiredness of the eyes and sees halos around light.

Comocladia is used in patients who experience a feeling of fullness in their eyes, accompanied by pain. The eyes feel very enlarged and the eye pain worsens in warm conditions.

Belladonna  is ideal for acute symptoms in a patient with glaucoma. The main symptoms include a sudden increase in dimness of vision and redness in the eyes, accompanied by a severe pain in the eyes and head.  Nausea and vomiting may also occur.

Osmium  is used when the patient sees an object in different colors when looking at it from different angles, like a rainbow.  The patient may also experience intolerance to light.

Physostigma  is an effective remedy that has spasms of the eye with a small pupil. The symptoms may include dim vision, blurred vision or partial blindness. The patient may also suffer from pain in eyes. 


Spigelia is used to treat severe headache on the patient’s left side. The pains are typically sharp and stabbing through the eye and head that worsens at night.


Colocynthis is considered a good homeopathic remedy for glaucoma. The patient typically experiences pain in the eyeballs before glaucoma has set in. When the pain travels to the head, this cure is very soothing.


Prunus Spinosa is another remedy for the treatment of glaucoma.  It is used when the patient experiences sudden pain in right eye that is so severe that it feels like the eyeball is actually bursting. 


Cedron is centered on the left eye of a glaucoma patient and it is a very effective remedy for severe, violent, recurrent pain in left eye.


Gelsemium  is used when there is dilatation of the pupils and pain in the eyes, with or without watering.


Conium Mac is used when the patient is experiencing a sensation of pressure in the eyes when reading, writing or doing any close work.


Eserinum is also a good homeopathic cure for glaucoma and is used when the patient is experiencing dilatation of the pupils, accompanied by a hardening of the eyeballs.


Vision loss due to glaucoma can be severe, so it’s important to have regular eye exams that include measurements of your eye pressure. If glaucoma is diagnosed early, vision loss can be delayed or even prevented.

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