July 20, 2024


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What Are the Benefits of a Video Pipe Inspection in Your Building?

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Factories, office building and other commercial structures rely on their plumbing and drainage systems. They are needed for the people who work there. But in addition, the plumbing system is often a major component in an industrial process. When the drains and pipes are working in peak condition, it can slow or halt workflow, leading to unintended downtime.

The Special Needs of Commercial Structures

Warehouses, factories, office buildings, retail establishments and other commercial structures are large and spread out. That means the pipe system is too.

Pipes can be remote and difficult to get to. This makes it hard to do a physical inspection. If the pipe needs cleaning or repair, it is difficult to pinpoint where the problem is located.

What Happens with Video Pipe Inspection

Video pipe inspection lets a plumbing technician actually see what is going on within your plumbing system in real time. He doesn’t have to physically locate the problem first and he doesn’t have to dig anything up just to figure out what is going on.

Using this method, a small camera with a radio transmitter is put directly into your plumbing system, storm drain or sewer pipe. It operates much like a toy car that has radio controls. The technician, located above ground, drives the device through your plumbing system.

The camera sends back pictures of how your pipes actually look. He views them on a monitor that lets him see what has gone wrong.

What Problems Can Video Pipe Inspection Find?

Commercial pipe systems can develop a number of problems, including:

Cracks and breaks. Pipes can age, leading to broken or cracked pipes. Shifting soil can also damage them.
Joint or seal problems. The video camera can zoom in on pipe joints and connections. This also helps the technician check seals.
Tree roots. Roots can block the entire pipe and damage and break it.
Clogs. All types of pipes can develop clogs. The result is restricted water flow or no flow at all.

Because of the flexibility of video camera inspection, with high quality light it doesn’t matter how deep or remote that the pipe is. The camera can go anywhere, sending back a real-time look at the current condition of the pipes.


Saving Time and Money

The plumbing technician is able to pinpoint the exact spot where the clog or other problem is happening. This means he doesn’t have to dig up the office or commercial area looking for the problem. He already knows where and what it is. Exploratory digging was the norm for many years, both with commercial and residential plumbing problems. It was disruptive and expensive.

With video cameras, all sizes and types of pipes can be inspected using the same equipment. The job can be done in a timely manner and with just a small amount of equipment and manpower.

Once the exact problem is identified, the technician can bring the equipment and people he needs to the right spot. This saves time, which in turn saves money.

Regular use of video pipe inspection lets you lower your costs for maintenance of your commercial plumbing system. The work takes less time and is far more exact, giving you data that helps you schedule preventive maintenance in good time. Inspections are recorded, so you can refer to them later and keep them as documentation.