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Types of Bicycle Accidents and How to Prevent Them

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Types of Bicycle Accidents

Mountain Biker has a painful looking crash with his bike

While cars are becoming more and more affordable​, the use of bicycles still grows by the day. However, bike accidents are also a very common phenomenon today. The same accidents that befall bicycles are seen in motorcycles as they are discussed here.

The Right Hook

Given a left hand drive car, the right hook occurs in two major ways the first of which is in a junction. The driver, not seeing the biker on their back right side, takes a right turn making the biker hit the side of the car. The second way would be when the driver of the car overtakes the rider then quickly moves to the lane of the rider without taking notice of the distance between them. To prevent this car accident, the rider should keep to the left side of the lane to allow the cars to overtake them with ease.

The Right Cross

The right hook will occur when a rider, having the right of way, is accidentally hit by a car from their right. Often, it occurs when the car comes from a karb, driveway or other side path and into the road. The rider is thus hit from their right side. To prevent this type of accident from occurring, the rider should increase their visibility by using a flashlight or reflective clothing. Besides that, the rider should use any other gestures to ensure they are visible to the car driver. Even waving can be of good use in this case.

The Door Prize

This occurs when the driver of the car or one of their passengers opens a door into the face of the rider. This accident occurs mostly in parking spaces since the people are getting into and out of their cars. To prevent this type of accident, it is actually very easy. Simply keep far off parked cars by going to the opposite side from where they are parked. It allows you stay away from the range of doors opening and shutting to keep you safe. Keep in mind that you will be saving you and your bike too.

The Left Cross

Imagine a T-junction with the bicycle or motorcycle and a car standing at the opposite ends to each other. Then, assuming the car will go ahead and cross the road, the rider charges forward. However, the car quickly takes a left turn to the trunk of the T-junction. The result will be that the car either hits the bike from the side or the bike hits the car from the side. In keeping safe from this type of accident, one should keep off the extreme​ sides of the broad. They are meant to be used by pedestrians not machines.

The Rear End

This one occurs when a bike, going behind a car, is forced to switch lanes when the car in front of them comes to a halt or slows down. They are thus forced into the next lane to avoid hitting the car before them. The cars occupying that lane will likely hit the bike from the back. Other types of the rear end accident occurs when a car hits a bike from the back. To prevent this type of accident, the riders should be as visible as possible. Using reflective clothing, lights and other such tools comes in handy here.

These types of accidents are responsible for many injuries and deaths on the road. With the remedies and preventive measures stated here, one will have the law on their side to make claims for injuries when in an accident.

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