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Calls for Improved Transparency at Telstra After Network Operations Failure

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Australian mobile networks giant, Telstra, has been struck with infrastructure failure incidents one too many in the past three months. Users have experienced disrupted service to their collective inconvenience and businesses could have lost 100s of millions of dollars during the unannounced network operations downtime. Formal statements have been put out in apologetic efforts to what the users of their services have went through, a guarantee that the drops in services would not happen again would have better acceptance rates though.

With a massive share of the total users, their 16 million users are now in wait for another shutdown in services that affected only half of their population in the last two incidents.

Calls for Improved Transparency at Telstra after Network Operations Failure.

The first of the events has been pegged on human error, a little embarrassing considering humans also control other service providers’ uptime and yet they have clean sheets. The more recent of the events has been blamed on a failed connection off the shores of Australia.

Transparency at Telstra
In response to the failures, the users on Telstra have been offered some free data services for a complete day to make up for the inconveniences caused.

A major delay in getting services up was caused by the congestion of connections requesting connections to their services. In response to the failures, the users on Telstra have been offered some free data services for a complete day to make up for the inconveniences caused. The same was done when their systems failed to offer services to their clients.Representatives from the small businesses council in Australia lamented the losses that were incurred due to the services outages, stating that their damage collectively could cost more than the efforts being done to remedy them.

Called on specialists confirm the fact that the network operations and designs being utilized by Telstra are fragile. Reputation and business is on the line, roaming connections have the ability to place half the capacity of the network in the dark. Telstra have their work cut out.

With many businesses relying on the network infrastructure being managed in such a way by Telstra, another outage could be the trigger for mass migration to their competition. This reality should be Telstra’s worst nightmare, enough to keep them up patching the causes so that no more failure plunge loyal users into a numb state of ‘internet lessness’.

Calls for probes into the state of affairs in the telecommunication sector are starting to come up, there is a lot of work in exposing the mishaps to the general public so they make informed decisions. This is so since telecommunications now are part and parcel of almost every aspect of human lives, personal to business. Formal announcements during the outages would be the first step in increasing transparency, and Telstra has never made efforts at such ends. Customers are often confused as to why they are not getting services, from their hardware or even to checking their accounts, and yet there has been recorded incidents of outages even before the two happening when the world is more connected.

The scheduled date for free 3G data to all users is on the 3rd of April, 2016.

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