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Top Ten Tips for Making Your Ink Cartridges Last Longer on Canon Printer

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Ink Cartridges

1. If one is getting the ‘low ink’ signal on the computer or the printer, do not be in a tearing hurry to change the canon printer cartridge. As per reports, ink cartridges still have about eight to forty-five percent ink in them when this message first flashes. Try to go on printing text and matter till the printing starts to fade out.

2. Print large fonts and bold material only when necessary and really required. These take up a lot of ink and can drain out the canon printer cartridge pretty quickly. Thus do so only if needed and not on all occasions.

3. One can even prolong the life of the cartridge by cutting down on the size of the text you are printing. One can even try switching over to Arial or New Courier fonts for better effect and saving up on the ink. It is a good idea to download the Econfont – a style of font which makes use of up to twenty percent less of ink.

4. Make it a point to proofread your matter before you print it. In this way, you can avoid printing something which is not required or is unnecessary. Always run the spellcheck software before printing the text. Also, scan the material for any other typing errors which may have crept in. In this way, you can avoid reprinting the text again and again just because the earlier copies had some mistake or another in them.

5. We are usually unaware of the fact that our computer has certain inbuilt mechanisms to help save ink. When using Windows, go onto the Devices and Printers segment on the control panel. Then, right click on the printer you are using and make a selection of your preferences. These will help you in economizing on your printer and ink costs by a good deal.

6. Make it a point to select the ‘draft mode’ to make use of less ink. This is structured and formatted in such a way that you will save on your ink. The final quality of the printing may be compromised by a bit, but not much to make a big difference.

7. Always print in black and white or gray mode to save on your ink. Color printing is very, very expensive and uses a lot of ink. Do not go in for it unless and until it is essential to do so.

8. Try to print multiple pages on one given sheet. This is an option one can really make good use of while printing long power-point slides. This will also save your paper and not just the quantity of ink which goes into the printing.

9. Before you begin printing, clean up your toner head. This will help you avoid any mess-ups and will also prevent any reprinting one has to do just because the first few page or pages did not come out properly.

10. Preview the matter you are printing before you actually begin this process. In this way, you would have weeded out any errors which may have crept into the final copy and will avoid any reprinting.

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