June 20, 2024


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Top 5 Spring Assisted Pocket Knives for EDC

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Spring Assisted Pocket Knives

Knife users know the key traits of a good everyday carry: It’s got to draw fast, sit comfortably in your hand, and do its job.

Whether you’re carrying a knife for the trail or a self-defense blade, reliability in your everyday carry is key.

Some of the best knives, like a Kershaw spring assisted pocket knife or an Aus-8 tanto flipper offer reliability and often look cool with eye-catching designs.

To help you pick an ideal knife which suits your needs, we’ve picked our top five spring assisted pocket knives for your everyday carry.

1. OG-819 Legal Eagle

This stunning knife features an all-American design with a truly patriotic name and style. The grooved Cryo Aus-8 steel feels cold in hand like it just came out of the machine they used to craft this immense piece.

The serrated blade is useful in a variety of scenarios, and it features an excellent clip for low-profile, deep pocket carry. We love the manufacturer, and we recommend this knife whole-heartedly for anyone looking to acquire a reliable, stylish deep-pocket EDC.

2. Gerber Covert Auto

Gerber has been manufacturing knives for decades and produces some of the finest quality blades on the market. The automatic draw on the Covert Auto is a sight to behold, so striking and intimidating that even wild animals wouldn’t look twice.

If your EDC demands a potentially fast response in a given situation, you need a fast-drawing pocket knife, and that’s what you get with the Gerber Covert Auto. At a complete length of 8.7 inches when fully open, this is no pee-wee butter knife either. It’s got a sharp point and a symmetrical design that allows for easy hand-switching, definitely earning its place in our list.

3. OG-950 Cleaver Flipper Knife

Nothing says “back-off” like the sight of a cleaver blade. It evoked scenes from horror movies and video games, showing you’re prepared if an assailant comes near. Don’t think this isn’t a useful EDC though – the extra weight of a cleaver blade comes in handy more often than you might imagine.

Its hefty G-10 grip feels secure in the hand, and the American design offers reliability, crucial for an EDC. You can sense the fusion of Japanese and American style in this stunning blade.

4. 0566 Zero Tolerance Hinderer

No top spring assisted pocket knife list would be complete without a Zero Tolerance blade. The company famous for its overbuilt enthusiast knives has taken its groundbreaking work into the EDC carry market. The 0566 offers a compact, high-end, deep-pocket EDC for those who love the feel of weight and quality in their hands.

5. Kershaw 1550 Blackout

Award-winning Kershaw spring assisted pocket knives serve Americans as everyday carry blades with reliability and effectiveness. The all-black design has an executive feel, and it’s no surprise this hard-wearing, cool design has proven one of the most popular Ken Onion knives. Whatever knife you use for your EDC, make sure it’s reliable, gets the job done and looks the part.