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The Top Three B2B Web Design Strategies in 2019-2020

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B2B Web Design Strategies

Business-to-consumer (B2C) websites aim to make immediate sales while B2B websites need to slowly nurture their leads. This requires a different approach to marketing, advertising, and even web design.

Quality B2B web design should give visitors the information they need. It should also include clear CTAs to capture contact information and start the sales journey.

Without these features, you may lose visitors. To boost conversions, use the following top three B2B web design strategies:

  1. Focus on the User Experience

Providing an enjoyable user experience is one of the biggest B2B website design trends.

In the past, the content was the primary focus for most B2B websites. These websites often had simple, stripped-down interfaces with bland designs and lists of product literature.

More B2B companies are starting to understand the importance of creating a dynamic user experience. Visitors should find the site easy to navigate. However, it also helps to present a stylish look that helps your products stand out.

Additional features of a quality user experience include responsive web design, fast page loading speeds, and simple menu structures.

With responsive web design, you ensure that all visitors can easily browse your site and find the information they need. Sticking to a uniform menu structure also aids navigation and boosts search engine optimization (SEO).

Fast page loading speeds help keep visitors engaged. If they need to continuously wait for elements to load, visitors are more likely to leave your website without clicking on a CTA.

  1. Build a Comprehensive Content Hub

While the user experience is important to your overall web design strategy, the content remains an essential part of B2B web design.

As you know, the buying cycle takes longer with B2B sales. It may take months or years to finalize a sale.

Throughout the buying journey, B2B companies often use content to help sales prospects evaluate their products or services. You may use whitepapers, webinars, case studies, info-graphics, reports, and eBooks.

Building a content hub to house all this information gives visitors an easier way to find the most useful content.

You may already send this information to sales leads as part of your sales funnel strategy. However, housing it on a website provides leads with an extra source for completing their own research.

Making this content public also increases authority. You gain more credibility with first-time visitors as they can easily find additional information before filling out your forms.

Content hubs also boost search visibility and traffic. Search engines index the content that you publish. If you only publish high-quality, informative content, you start to increase your search rankings, resulting in more traffic to your B2B website.

  1. Targeted Landing Pages

One of the latest B2B website design trends is the use of targeted landing pages.

B2B organizations already rely on landing pages. However, most B2B websites do not include separate landing pages for specific audiences.

You may have landing pages for each product or service but you also need targeted pages.

These pages should provide solutions for the problems of niche audiences. Create separate target personas and use content that speaks directly to their needs.

These landing pages also need to include perfectly placed CTAs. Adding a short call to action at the bottom of the page is not enough.

You need to direct visitors to the intended action throughout the page using multiple, consistent CTAs.

These are just a few of the B2B website design trends for 2019 and 2020. B2B organizations are also starting to use more video content, parallax scrolling, and other design trends first seen on business-to-consumer sites.

To stay a step ahead of the competition, keep track of the latest design strategies or consider working with a B2B web design agency.

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