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The Next Level in Blogging

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Blogging by its definition involves people sharing information on a range of different agendas and topics in a blog. A new concept has garned a lot of attention among the blogging community, guest blogging. Though it’s relatively not such a new concept, of late it has been used as tool by bloggers to increase web presence and traffic.it involves writing and development of content relevant for someone else’s blog or website.Hence the concept has been monetized and been made available to help in content generation and diversification of the blog site traffic and content

The Next Level in Blogging

The Next Level in Blogging

The Good…

It’s clear the benefits of guest blogging are to increase blog visibility but these visibility comes at cost both monetary and content wise. The more foot traffic the more your user expect you to have exciting and constantly excellent material.Other benefits include the personification of your blog as the go to place for credible information.In a way you become sort of an expert and thanks to guest blogging your information becomes more relevant and accurate.Also you earn essential back links from authority sites.Also it provides a stream of cash for either a guest blogger or owner of the blog.The content developed is always engaging and interesting. It has been used for internet based marketing to drive up online sales as guest bloggers can be used to provide useful reviews for products and services.Finally it has been found to be useful in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that a guest comment section doesn’t offer.

The Guideline of Use….

Guest blogging involves three essential parties; the blogger, the guest blogger and online user. All these parties are essential to evaluate the success and the pitfalls of guest blogging. Bloggers can acquire the services of guest bloggers through the following series of steps;

Finding guest post targets:- this can be done through google search strings use. Published pages by guest bloggers, followed by a goggle reverse image search, a useful strategy used by competitors to find out the others guest bloggers. Also Social media sites like twitter and google+ have been found to be useful.Also useful websites such as AllTop.com provides a list of best blogs defined by niche.

Research your targets:- when you have develop a resourceful list and go the extra mile and research on the prospects in the list.A good criteria involves; use authoritative person, relevant, high quality content, have real following and aren’t expensive to use.

Warm up your target: don’t be direct and seem desperate, reach out in a manner that will excite and will want the guest blogger to use you.

Provide your guest blogger a topic that is relevant to his/ her skill set; this is acquired by reading the material that they have published, audience level knowledge, also note how to update their information their posted is.

Provide them with guidelines; useful to helping them to know how to provide a high standard content developed blog. Also develop their Bio in manner that inspires people to read their posts.
Post; when the content has been generated post it and then review how useful it is to your users and the amount of traffic it helps you generate.

Follow up: inquire and respond to issues people may have on the comment section and emngage your gust blogger to do the same. Also promote your work on social media actively.

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