July 20, 2024


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The Much Awaited Mini Tool Power Data Recovery Version 7.0 Is Out

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The much awaited Mini Tool Power Data Recovery Version 7.0 is eventually out. This wonderful tool comes with a new interface and lots of other features to give the user a new experience in data recovery.

The Much Awaited Mini Tool Power Data Recovery Version 7.0 Is Out

Power Data Recovery Version 7.0

The new version features a new scanner which has the excellent ability to scan files quickly thus saving on time. It is the best option for those who have been experiencing slow performance when scanning their data using previous versions of mini tool power data recovery. The software has been proven to increase the efficiecy of scanning a large database by 50%. This makes it awesome because users will spend less time to recover many files. In addition, its new interface is easy to use. The user will not require any prior knowledge or technical experience. This makes it an excellent choice.

What really makes mini tool power data recovery version 7.0 great is the fact that it is compatible with almost all window versions. This ranges from Windows 95 to Windows 10. This will enable many users to enjoy its extraordinary functionality.

There are certain requirements that all users of this tool should be aware before beginning to use it. One such requirement is that the system should have pentium-class processor IDE or SCSI hard drive with a RAM of 64MB. In addition, it should have a minimum free space of 100MB.
Furthermore, for successful recovery of lost data, users are advised to have a second hard disk drive. This will also make the process easy and convinient.

According to the developer, this amazing tool can perform various functions. They include damaged partition recovery, digital media recovery; undelete recovery and CD/DVD recovery.
Unlike other tools that recover limited amount of data, mini power data recovery version 7.0 will enable users to recover unlimited data except when you choose the free licence compaction which has a maximum data recovery of 1GB.

Besides, it comes with three types of licence which vary in price and differ in terms of services provided. For instance free licence which allows users to perform different types of recovery except loading previous recovery result. Personal licence offers more services and enables users to recover unlimited amount of data.

The third licence compaction is called personal licence & bootable media builder. It is the most expensive but has the best services. It allows users to perform all the basic data recovery functions, enables them to recover unlimited amount of data, load previous recovery result and even recover data after system has crashed , the OS has failed to boot or the computer is experiencing booting problems.

It is evident that the new version comes with execellent features and amazing functionality that will make it very helpful to users.

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