April 14, 2024


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Should I Get A Battery With My Solar System?

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Solar panel

It’s no secret that solar energy is on the rise. More and more homeowners are looking for ways to go green, save money, and be self-sufficient in their own homes. Solar battery backups can offer a whole new level of security with power outages by storing electricity from the grid and can help reduce bills by pulling power from the battery during peak hours when rates are high. Caliber Solar is proud to offer battery storage systems from Tesla and LG, the top solar battery providers in the US. Including these batteries to your solar project offers an efficient way to store solar power generated in your home so you never have to worry about running out of juice again nor paying those absurd peak charges!

Caliber Solar offers Tesla PowerWall battery, which can store up to 13.0 kWh of power for solar backup use, while LG brings the option of a 12-volt system with an 11.0 kWh capacity that is compatible with all types of solar panels including Tesla and SolarEdge! With these smart battery systems, homeowners will automatically benefit from its smart deployment of stored energy in Time of Use rate plan markets.

Solar battery backup systems are a great way to have peace of mind that your power will never go out. Tesla Powerwall and LG 12-volt solar backup batteries can be installed with any home solar system, whether it is residential or commercial! The investment in Tesla’s patent pending technology pays for itself as Tesla guarantees the product for 10 years. Additionally, with SolarEdge’s inverter you can easily charge your electric vehicle from your solar and battery!

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can protect your home and family with battery backed solar, click the link below to schedule a time with one of our experts.

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