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See Why So Many Companies Are Choosing Trenchless Pipe Repair

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When your company is faced with busted water or sewer pipes, your world can get turned upside down. The cost and time to dig up those pipes and replace them can really make you want to pull your hair out. But what if there is a way to fixed those pipes in less time and for less money? Well, now there is. Trenchless pipe repair has been used in the residential industry for several years now. But now many companies are realizing the benefit of using this exciting new technology. If your business has experienced underground pipe damage of any kind, trenchless pipe repair just might be your best options. Below you will find out more about this service and why so many companies are choosing it over traditional pipe repair.

See Why So Many Companies Are Choosing Trechless Pipe Repair.

Trechless Pipe Repair

Trenchless Pipe Repair Is the Go-To Option for Businesses

Companies in the past had to go to great expense replacing burst sewer and water pipes. The process of replacing damaged pipes can take up a lot of space and time. This could mean that your business will have to shut down for several days or even weeks depending on the size of the problem. But with trenchless pipe repair, you can often avoid digging up all that piping. Below you will learn more information on the benefits of trenchless pipe repair and the two different techniques used.

Two Types of Trenchless Pipe Repair You Could Benefit From

There are two main types of trenchless sewer pipe repair in Houston, Texas. Both of these repairs takes less time and money than traditional pipe replacement.

1. Pipe lining: This trenchless pipe repair process often requires that only two access holes need to be dug. From this location, pipe lining material is blown into place which will cover the inside of the damaged pipe. After the lining is in place it will be allowed to harden and seal the damaged pipe completely. While this lining decreases the diameter of the pipe, it has no effect on the pressure or volume of water or waste that pipe can carry.

2. Pipe bursting: This process involves pulling a new pipe inside of the damaged one. At the same time, this new pipe is pushing outward against the damaged pipe which fills any holes or cracks.

The Benefits of Trenchless Pipe Repair

• It will save you time: Because you don’t have to dig up the entire pipe your repair will take less time. This means that you can get back to business at hand and you will not have to worry about being closed for a long period of time.

• You will save money: Because you are not paying to dig up your old pipes and have them replaced with new ones, you will be saving a large amount of money which is always nice.

• It works for root damaged pipes as well: This is great news for those suffering from root damage. Instead of having to dig up the entire sewer line, you will now be able to fix the problem with less interruption.

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