July 18, 2024


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Resllers See Demand For Third Party Data Recovery

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New research has shown that IT reseller businesses are seeing a greater demand for third party data recovery services.

The growth of data as a vital business tool has been discussed frequently in the last few years. As data tools grow and evolve to meet business demands, so IT businesses are able to offer their clients an ever-growing range of tools to help them manage, gather, and work with data in order to better their businesses.

Third Party Data Recovery

Resllers See Demand For Third Party Data Recovery

Data provides businesses with the means to understand what is working for them and where their resources could perhaps be better allocated. Resellers who offer data-based products give businesses who simply don’t have the time or expertise to handle raw data solutions that allow them to process data in a way that gives clear results and insights.

Demand For Data Recovery On The Rise

The growing popularity of data-based services has brought with it a growing demand for help with recovering that data. Research carried out by UK-based data recovery specialists Kroll Ontrack recently showed that 81% of IT channel businesses have seen demand for third party data recovery services from their customers.

Assisting customers with data recovery can prove lucrative for resellers, too. The Kroll Ontrack survey uncovered the fact that an impressive 93% of their clients have purchased further services from them after working with them on a data recovery project. Offering services of this kind gives resellers a chance to show clients their expertise.

“It’s very positive that reseller partners can increase overall sales from providing data recovery services to their clients.” says Paul Le Messurier, Programme and Operations Manager for Kroll Ontrack.

There’s no doubt that data loss is a stressful issue for any business to deal with, and could even lead to a loss of revenue. Any reseller who can show proficiency in data recovery can demonstrate to their customers in clear, measurable terms just how much their services are worth to each customer’s business. The customer gets their data problems solved, and the reseller gains business and increases their revenue, making it a beneficial arrangement for both parties.

IT resellers who add data recovery to their existing stable of products such as IT software, hardware, and other data management tools, can look forward to an increase in their bottom line as a result.

Data Recovery Boosts Customer Loyalty

Offering data recovery services stands to benefit IT Channel businesses in more ways than just increased profits, too. The Kroll Ontrack research showed that not only does offering data recovery lead to repeat business from customers who purchase that service, but it leads to increased loyalty, too. Kroll’s research found that 77% of businesses surveyed believed offering a data recovery service lead to an increase in customer loyalty.

“It’s encouraging that resellers are seeing increased customer loyalty by offering a more technical data recovery service,” says Le Messurier, adding that “It helps create a relationship of trust in which clients know they can turn to their IT partners for help in even the most challenging circumstances.”

Data recovery is a sensitive and stressful topic for businesses. IT resellers who add it to their services stand to boost both their sales and their long term customer loyalty by helping their customers with difficult issues, which ultimately means happier customers and more secure reseller businesses.

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