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See 4 Common Platforms Used By Retargeting Companies

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Retargeting is a form of advertisement that is usually carried out online and targets consumers based on their previous actions on the internet. Today, there are various retargeting companies that are engaging in this form of advertising to attract customers. It enables companies to keep their brand on the fore front in the traffic after customers have left website. The main purpose of retargeting is to make a list of people who have visited your website and performed some actions. Retargeting companies use various remarketing platforms. They always ensure that they choose those that best match their business.

Platforms Used By Retargeting Companies

See 4 Common Platforms Used By Retargeting Companies

These Are The Platforms


Adwords is one of the best platforms used by most of the retargeting companies. Its audience reach includes Google Adsence sites, Youtube, Android sites and many more. In addition, it features CPA, CPC and CPM bidding. In terms of costs, it is the most affordable. It does not require any set up fee. Moreover, it comes with 24/7 phone support. This makes it people’s favorite. This wonderful platform is advantageous because it allows you to choose ad placement on every page especially if most of your traffic emanates from Google search engine. On the flipside, it only targets customers who are on partner sites of Google.


Retargeting companies are also embracing the use of retargeter platform to achieve their objective. Its audience reach includes Yahoo, Google, Bing, Twitter and Facebook. In addition, it only supports CPM bidding. Furthermore, it is a bit costly because it requires some considerable amount of up front commitment. Moreover, support is provided by personal account manager. On top of that, this platform is advantageous to most retargeting companies because it provides high level of audience segmentation based on their behaviour, demographics and pages visited. Its disadvantage is that it is costly and intended for high traffic.


Adroll is another remarkable platform. Its audience reach is Bing, Google, Twitter, Facebook and Yahoo. The only bidding it supports is CPM. To add on, it is expensive and comes with online and phone support. It is very advantageous because it provides more user interface as well as numerous reporting options. This makes it easy to use. The only disadvantage of this retargeting platform is that it is not designed for search retargeting.

Perfect Audience

Retargeting companies have continued to use perfect audience platform for their online advertising due to its versatility. Its audience reach includes Google, Yahoo, Twitter, Bing, Newsfeeds and Email. To add on, it supports CPM bidding. Furthermorre, it does not involve any set up fee and comes with slow support. The main advantage of perfect audience is that it provides the most comprehensive and versatile customer targeting and segmentation. Its only weakness is that it is difficult to set it up.


In conclusion, the above are the best remarketing platforms that are mainly used by retargeting companies. They have various features, advantages and varying costs. It is upon you to determine which one best suits your business and make a choice.

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