April 23, 2024


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Phuket in Thailand: A Much-In-Demand Hen’s Party Place

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Phuket in Thailand

Throwing a hen’s party is not easy. And the most difficult decision to take in this entire process is of where to have the bash. Phuket, of late, has created a notch for itself in this arena. It is now becoming a very much-in-demand destination for hen parties. It is much talked about, and a lot of girls and women head there for time out with their female friends and relatives.

The main reason for this is the location of Phuket. Bang on at the waterfront and all bedecked up with pristine beaches and all the excitement and merriment of being near the shore, Phuket is a touristy haven of sorts. Then is the added spa culture, the amazing rounds of tireless shopping one can do here, and the water activities which people can indulge in. All these put together make it a very visitable tourist spot which is high on the list of the must-do places on planet earth.

Also, one of the most attractive nuances of this Thai city is the late hours life it is packed with. Very versatile and extremely exciting, girls can have an action filled time here extending late into the night and even the early hours of the morning. Pubs and bars here offer discount packages for hens dos here where the rates are really cut down to encourage more and more girls to come visiting Phuket.

In addition, this city is becoming one of the fashion capitals of the earth. The donate clothes Calgary, jewellery, bags and accessories lineup which one gets here, is something not seen in many other places around the globe. The types of western style outfits which one can purchase from the numerous flea markets, street shops and even big stores, are straight out of the leaves of fashion magazines and catalogues.

Then is the added charm of learning various gourmet dishes from chefs who rank amongst the best in the world. Cookery demonstrations are done aplenty in this island city and one can easily start off a hens party by throwing in a session of masterchef style class. Preparation of the latest mouth-watering delicacies is showcased in this tutorial and girls would love to better their cooking style and presentations by picking up tips in this. Even if one does not learn cooking, just eating some of the very sumptuous dishes up for takes here is really something which girls would absolutely adore doing. The food fare available in the posh restaurants is something close to or matching with Michelin-starred grub which can make anyone wish they could go on eating on forever.

The spa culture, as briefly touched upon before, is something which the fairer folk would just love as some time spent for pampering themselves. With different facts and techniques of massages being one of the USPs of the masseurs in this city, girls will have a wonderful experience in undergoing some of the famed treatments here. This could be hot stone therapy, or burra fish style pedicure or some of the thermal sessions one can indulge in.