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SharePoint 2016 to give best results with Office Online Server – Exchange Server optimization


Microsoft’s upcoming Sharepoint 2016 product for businesses working on massive amounts of work files on a central storage locations will bring a lot of advantages that are sure to get users of previous versions rushing on board. However, the use of Sharepoint 2016 without the inclusion of services from Office Online is a short deal to the capabilities the pair will equip your company with.

Microsoft SQL Server Management now runs on Linux – Oracle feeling the heat

At what can easily be mistaken for a show-off Data Driven event in New York recently, Microsoft gave us a preview into their 2016 SQL Server management system. Although not opened to the public yet, some daring propositions were made. Most noticeable is the offer to save millions in license fees and support sessions.

New IT Security needed for Internet of Things #Belfast2016

IT Security

The idea of an internet of things has grown from being only possible in movies and music videos to one of the most viral topics on any media platform, it is slowing becoming a reality. While a lot of people depend on networks at work and even in places where they don’t know they are connected to other devices, a lot of security still needs to be implemented in order to realize the frontier of the internet of things.

Microsoft reveals Xbox Live cross – It Network Support


Being able to play online with other gamers on the same console network as you is a huge thing for game enthusiasts and developers alike. Till recently, Microsoft gamers were only able to play with other Xbox Live connected gamers and we thought that was awesome in as far as adrenalin and competition is concerned. But we were only just getting started – Microsoft has surprised it’s compatible game developers and the millions of players that users of Xbox Live can now connect to other game networks and experience more games and new challengers.


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