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10 Things to Know Before Traveling to Peru

Traveling to Peru
Booking an international flight to Lima is the only need to be worried for. There are many travel agencies that will offer packages and all inclusive service. Depending your destinations when visiting Peru we made 10 important things that you need to remember before traveling into Peru.

Budget 2016; Governments Keen on Rolling Out 5G


Will the dreamy speeds attainable in the 5th generation of telecommunications internet speeds start in your area? Well in London, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, G Osborne has promised their government will stick to the plan of rolling out the superfast across the entire United Kingdom. With the vast 750 MHz of spectrum still being held back from telecommunications operators, the promise is becoming more and more real and could soon see most of it completely rolled out by the set date in 2020.

A Wireless Network Design That Can Stand High Density. Amen!


If you were tasked to build a wifi network for an airport or train station, the quest would be comparable to that of stadium stadium networks. The main challenge is accepting high volumes of devices that would be making double their amount of volume in requests each minute in the least. A church in the residential parts of Indianapolis, with a congregation upwards of 6000 each week would be a fitting challenge just as any of the stressful locations above. They have figured ways to make their wifi network design fit the huge crowds, thanks to the IT team working to make each sermon socially engaging.

Calls for Improved Transparency at Telstra After Network Operations Failure

Transparency at Telstra
(999) 111-1111
(999) 999-9999
Australian mobile networks giant, Telstra, has been struck with infrastructure failure incidents one too many in the past three months. Users have experienced disrupted service to their collective inconvenience and businesses could have lost 100s of millions of dollars during the unannounced network operations downtime. Formal statements have been put out in apologetic efforts to what the users of their services have went through, a guarantee that the drops in services would not happen again would have better acceptance rates though.

Cisco Announces New Digital Network Architecture – Faster Customer Digital Transformation

Digital Network Architecture

A new level of efficient networking has been introduced by Cisco, the networking technology giant. The apply named DNA (Digital Network Architecture) comes in addition to the already successful data center focused ACI (Application Centric Infrastructure) to spread the policy already wildly efficient and software strategy to all areas of a network. This will propagate successful strategies from an office building to their next branches and beyond.

Network Analytics to Play a Defining Role in Network Auditing

Network Analytics

Network Auditing As more and more updates on the bad side of computing (the threats) come onto the scene, the need for IT managers to stay on top of situations has never been greater. Simple cracking of passwords to computer networks and access from persons with harmful intentions could bring down even the most notable of the Fortune 500 companies. The logic is really simple, as soon as the network shuts down, for whatever reasons, productivity plummets at similar speeds, operations come to a halt.

10 Insanely Fun Things to do in Koh Samui


Are you having the interest to go for outing with your friends and looking for the best destination? Then, Thailand is one of the most affordable destinations for you. Yes, Thailand has a large number of attractions to spend your vacation in the perfect manner. Especially, if you are a bachelor who is looking for enjoying the night parties, then it is the heaven for you. In such a way, Koh Samui is one of the city or the island in Thailand where you can enjoy your parties as everything you have dreamt before. Koh Samui is the paradise island with the white sandy beaches, crystal clear water and a lot of fun things to do for making your unforgettable memories.

7 Tips for Hiking The Inca Trail

hiking Inca Trail

Since I first saw Machu Picchu in a photo, it has been a dying wish to hike the classic 4 day Inca Trail to the lost Inca city! The hidden location of Machu Picchu at the top of a mountain covered by lush rainforest immediately caught my attention. I was fascinated!

Windows 10 Updates could come same time as Microsoft SQL Server 2016

Windows 10

Windows 10 users would not be to blame is they are looking to get exciting updates come fall, Microsoft has made the habit to release these summer and fall updates for a long time now, but apparently not this time. The updates for Microsoft SQL Server to it’s 2016 version have been announced, why not for Windows 10?


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