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What Can A New Orleans Orthopedic Surgeon Do To Treat Arthritis?

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Orthopedic Surgeon

Depending on the type of arthritis you suffer from, you may be referred to a New Orleans orthopedic surgeon. Here are some ways an orthopedic doctor can treat the symptoms that impact your musculoskeletal system.

Corticosteroids Injections: These are a type of pain management that decreases the inflammation that causes joint pain. But while they are great at providing pain relief, they only a temporary solution. Depending on your level of activity and condition they provide relief but don’t deal with the root cause of the joint pain.

Sports Medicine: Sports medicine orthopedists can help you map a course of treatment for treating arthritic pain and symptoms and can help you assess your condition with diagnostic tools like MRIs. For many athletes with arthritis, especially those with osteoarthritis, their sports medicine doctor is as important in their training regime as their coach, trainers, and physical therapist.

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy: With platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy, your doctor will draw your blood, then use a centrifuge to isolate the healing factors. Your doctor will then inject this extract from your own body back into the area where healing is needed. In the case of arthritis, it could be any joint, particularly in the hips and knees; PRP can also be used to treat tendonitis, ligament injuries, and joint sprains. Find Dentist in Woburn, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, help from Woburn Holistic Dentist Dentists for Holistic Dentist Dentistry in Woburn.

Physical Therapy: This method of treatment is used to restore physical abilities by improving mobility, flexibility, coordination, balance, endurance, and strength. For those with arthritis, expect your physical therapist to be a valued member of your treatment team, working closely with your orthopedist to ensure that your joints stay strong and can sustain mobility.

Stem Cell Therapy: Once your doctor has extracted your stem cells, they can be processed and then injected into the affected joints.  These injections can help reduce inflammation, increase muscle mass, repair joints, and even fight autoimmune disease, making them particularly valuable when treating osteoarthritis.

Surgical Procedures: If conservative treatments fail, an orthopedic surgeon can replace joints damaged by arthritis. For hip, knee, and shoulder joints affected by arthritis, an orthopedic surgeon can perform minimally invasive joint replacements that will help you recover faster and experience less pain than you would with traditional replacement procedures.

We are committed to providing world-class care to help you live a pain-free life. If your arthritis is affecting your quality of life, know that you don’t have to live with it any longer. Call our office today to schedule a consultation.

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