July 18, 2024


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Have Your Restaurant Parking Lot Assessed

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Parking lot

Running a restaurant is no simple task. There are a hundred things to do each day. And, another one which should be added onto the work portfolio of those who run such joints is having their pavements assessed on a regular basis. Parking lot arenas and pavements, be those of offices, multiplexes, malls, hotels or any other facility, are places which are really, really used at almost all points in time. Their upkeep and maintenance is an absolute must, an essentiality.

Pavement assessments are dossiers which throw light on how to upkeep this area in such a manner that its shelf life gets extended and it can be used for a longer time by a larger number of people. This report is designed to make the life of restaurant facility managers become a bit easy in this aspect.

In most events, work on making such reports begins by actually going to the pavement site and checking it thoroughly. Factors which come into play at this point in time are surface distress, ride quality and other aesthetic features. The conclusion of such a check up will help in determining if any repair work is needed, any part of the pavement is to be replaced, what repair is required on an urgent basis and what can wait a while, and also updation of any other facility item on the pavement which may be needed in the next five years.

Pavement assessments, too, are systematic. They have to necessarily be in line with a given rating system. As per this, one can assess the exact condition of any given pavement and what all needs to be done to bring it at par with the best of pavements. One system which is much in use is the Pavement Condition Index or PCI. This was brought forth by the US Army Corps of Engineers and taken up by the American Society for Testing and Materials. This is based on the numerical system.

After the given pavement has been so assessed, a budget should be allocated for its repair and maintenance work. This is hinged on a proportion of standard degradation of similar features in a given period of time, weather conditions, its usage et al. If one draws up a long term blueprint for this, it will save a lot of time and effort of trying to see what exactly is to be done each month or so.

In fact, one can have a long term as well as a short term strategy for pavement site. Try to keep photographic evidence of the damaged areas of the pavements, too, at hand at all times to simplify your task further.

As per reports, it is best to have your pavement assessed each two to four years. This too is in direct proportion with how much the pavement is being used. However, whenever you do take up this work, make sure to go to a professional pavement assessor. Try not to go to just any which person who takes up this type of work. All said and done, any restaurant facility manager would wish his or her life to be uncomplicated in all respects, and most certainly this one as well.

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