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WHY Digital Signage is becoming a necessity in Healthcare and How to go about adopting and implementing it.

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Digital Signage and Its Necessity

Digital Signage

Digital Signage is becoming a necessity for any organization where services are being offered and Healthcare organizations are no exception to that. As a matter of fact, more and more Hospitals, Clinics, and Medical centers are adopting digital signage.

The question is why Digital Signage is becoming so prevalent, well the most obvious answer is the cost which has come down by more than 50% in the last 5 Years. Plus Healthcare professionals are realizing the benefits which they can reap when they deploy Digital Signs in their Business.

In addition to the marketing and branding benefits, Healthcare regulatory authorities are also coming up with regulations that make it mandatory for hospitals, clinics to display the doctor’s profiles.

The Most common benefits which any hospital and clinic will achieve by deploying Digital Signage are:

  1. Specialties Services Advertisements such as oncology, pulmonology, etc.

Hospitals and Polyclinics can make use of Digital Displays and showcase their specialties in a way that can help patients to know more about Hospitals’ offerings. For example, Hospitals can show videos of their Specialty departments showcasing state of the art equipment, customer service. This is very beneficial for the patients for them to make an informed decisions. 

  1. Doctors Profiles 

Hospitals are Clinics can make use of these Digital displays to showcase Doctors profile. Some Countries Healthcare regulators have made it mandatory for these Healthcare providers to showcase the Doctor’s Credentials

  1. Branding

There is no better way than Digital Signage to do indoor branding. Digital Signage just makes it so easy to display Rich Media content about the Hospital Facilities, their Events, their Social Feeds, High Quality Posters. 

  1. Patient Education by running informative content

Digital Signage is also being used extensively for Patient Education, “Prevention is better than Cure” and Prevention starts from knowledge and information. More and More Hospitals and clinics are showing healthcare tips and short informative videos, which patients can watch while waiting to see the doctor or for their prescription.

  1. Rich media support for Videos, pictures, and text 

In older days Hospitals will use Roll up banners but now they can use these Digital Displays to show attractive content in the form of Videos, Pictures, and Marquee text. Studies have shown that Digital Content gets 4 times more impressions than a Print media

  1. Corporate communication 

Hospitals are also using Digital Signages for corporate communication. Such as Policies enforcements 

  1. Cost Savings

One of the biggest benefits of Digital Signage is Cost Saving, Big Cost Savings. As healthcare organizations are under a lot of pressure to provide quality service at a low cost. Digital Signage is one area where they can reduce the cost. Cost reductions are realized in the form of No printing cost which adds up a lot over the span of 3 to 4 years which is the normal life of digital signage. In the case of digital signage you simply create the content and push it to the screen. It also reduces transportation costs since there is no need to transport the posters, roll ups, etc. from the printing press. Digital Signage also reduces environmental costs because it’s environmentally friendly as it reduces the green gas from the vehicles and also no need for paper.

  1. Time Savings

Time savings is another benefit that organizations realize when they adopt Digital Signage as their marketing communication and branding medium. Simply because there is no waiting for the printing, the content simply goes from the computer to the Digital Signage within minutes. Also, speed of communication is vastly increased, these organizations become more agile and fast due to the nature of Digital Content. 

To get Started with Digital Signage, Organizations need to have the answers for the following questions.

  • Who is required for Digital Signage and what is required for Digital Signage?
  • How much is the cost for a Digital Signage Project?
  • What should be their Digital Strategy?
  • What kind of Digital Signages are available?
  1. Who is required for Digital Signage and what is required for Digital Signage?

The answer to this question depends on various factors depending on the size of the organization, but let’s take an example of a Hospital with 300 beds.

To implement Digital Signage in such a hospital, the following departments will be involved.

Marketing, IT, Facilities.

Marketing will decide on the types of Screens and Qty required which will be dictated by their Marketing needs. 

IT will facilities in System Evaluation and Installation, this involves Software and Security Requirements, changes required in the network, etc.

The facilities department will facilitate the provisioning of Power and Data points

  1. How much is the cost for a Digital Signage Project?

This too depends on the size of the Digital Signage Project. But essentially these are the areas where cost is incurred.

Hardware: Digital Displays, Media Players, Server

Signage Software and CAL

Professional Services: Installation and Support

The typical size project with 20 displays will be around 80K USD to 100K USD

  1. What should be their Digital Strategy?

This will depend on if you are going to start the project in a phased approach or full bang. It will also depend on if this will be a greenfield project or an Existing Building, it will also be based on your Hospital offerings. At a minimum your Digital Strategy should include and be aware of the following:

  • Patients Need what information will be useful to them
  • Indoor Marketing for your Doctors/Facilities/Services
  • Healthcare Regulatory requirements
  1. What kind of Digital Signages are available?

Digital Signage is an umbrella term underneath there is different types some of the most common are:

  • Video Walls 
  • Standalone Free-standing Displays (Very Popular due to the fact that they get the most eyeballs/impressions)
  • Wall Mounted Displays
  • Wayfinding Kiosk
  • Outdoor Kiosk Design

Reference Digital Signage Types: https://www.skills-unlimited.com/digital-signage 

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