June 20, 2024


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Cisco Announces New Digital Network Architecture – Faster Customer Digital Transformation

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A new level of efficient Network Monitoring has been introduced by Cisco, the networking technology giant. The apply named DNA (Digital Network Architecture) comes in addition to the already successful data center focused ACI (Application Centric Infrastructure) to spread the policy already wildly efficient and software strategy to all areas of a network. This will propagate successful strategies from an office building to their next branches and beyond.

Cisco announces New Digital Network Architecture – Faster Customer Digital Transformation.

From their detailed announcement, we caught that the DNA will be based on five principles, all navigational;

  • All parts are virtual – having everything virtualized makes it effortless for organizations to choose what services to run and there will not be any underlying platform constraint – whether or not they are in the cloud or local.
  • Optimized for Automation – a shift in approach to network management, from easy deployment to easy maintenance and general management of all parts. The need for continuous human contact with networks, while good, could also expose it to threats from human error, which can never be canceled out.
  • Implemented analytics – making all the data given by the network have a more insightful result than just statistical look. Operational details and infrastructure logs will be easier to decode.
  • Cloud based management of services – maximizing reliability with assisted options on the cloud and secure on location controls. The cloud innovation inclusion will make even huge requirements to be met for companies without the adequate capacity to support themselves.
  • Almost Open source – this enables users to add their personal changes to the levels of the infrastructure. Communities can address preferential requirements and grow the infrastructure into a more reliable option. Rapid updates to threats will be possible as users team up to keep networks secure.
Customer Digital Transformation
A new level of efficient networking has been introduced by Cisco, the networking technology giant.


When asked about pricing, they stuck to releasing the new DNA architecture through the already client absorbed Cisco ONE Software model, this will give all users the flexibility of selecting platforms and models for owning the architecture.


Developer programs at Cisco have pledged to support and educate networking professionals to enable smooth transformations. Certifications will be updated with the required knowledge points that can be accessed by professionals through retests and will be default with new testers.

The entire concept of digitization in businesses has paved way for a trillion dollar industry that is supported by digital networks that can bend with the ever changing network infrastructure issues in business. Huge strides have been made in the past, including the software based networking and network function virtualisation innovations, cloud computing and analytics, to mention a few. The DNA innovation has the cementing power of joining the major developments and delivering their inherent promises across all the levels of their implementations. The timely announcement from Cisco comes at a time when all the development (some not mentioned in this work) need a model that can be easily used by companies, from the simplest – one person companies to those spread over the globe.

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