July 18, 2024


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Are we still in control?

There is a lot of developments currently taking place in the world of tech, and it all has a lot of implications on our lives. We never step back much to think how the FBI being able to unlock an iPhone without the help of the Apple guys affects your security. A lot of our readers have iPhones and iPads that all have the same security levels that are now paper strong to attackers. Recent attacks on individuals and institutions by ransomware programs along with everything else happening could spell that we are losing the cyber attack war.


A few questions should be asked immediately; what if I get attacked and asked for the $20,000 to regain access to your files and systems? Are you willing to try new things to secure your data? Do we even have the capability to protect ourselves? With the Internet of Things getting more real, are we not placing ourselves into a lot more trouble in the name of advancement?

Are we still in control?

Families were broken when hackers revealed users and records of a cheating facilitation social media site and the encryption we use to protect ourselves also protects terrorists from being exposed before activating their schemes. Are we in control or we are just living along with whatever and wherever technology is taking us?

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