July 20, 2024


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Characteristics of a Good Scout Rifle

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scout rifle

What to look for in a scout rifle

Ever since the scout rifle appeared on the scene in the 1980s, it has become a popular item in gun culture. Its manufacture and design have been heavily modified by several manufacturers since it was first introduced by Colonel Jeff Cooper decades ago.

It can be difficult to determine whether the weapon you are getting fits the non-traditional mold that makes this distinctive rifle an important part of your gaming or defense arsenal.

Let us be your guide for what you want – and what you want to avoid – in a good scout rifle.

  1. The lightweight weapon

    A pump action scout rifle should be light, simple, and compact. The scout rifle is by its very nature meant to be a different firearm from an assault rifle or heavy gun, and Colonel Cooper intended a magazine to be used only as a reserve. This also lowers your risk of failures. Your scout rifle should weigh in at approximately six to eight pounds, freeing you to think and act quickly.

  2. The less recoil, the better

    A good scout rifle is designed to be as close to recoilless as possible. Again, this is a light weapon, and it was designed with mobility in mind. A heavy recoil, in addition to the discomfort to the user, hampers the user’s agility as well.

  3. Telescopic and peripheral vision

    The pump action scout rifle is a weapon for the wilderness, an environment in which the user needs to maintain situational awareness. As a result, your scout rifle should feature a forward-mounted telescopic sight and ghost ring iron sights. This will play into the next important characteristic of a good scout rifle: its accuracy.

  4. Most importantly, accuracy

    Accuracy is the phrase that pays when it comes to a good pump action scout rifle. Colonel Cooper’s original design was intended to shoot a four-inch group at a distance of two hundred meters with a heavy projectile. As a result, a good scout rifle should come with a barrel length of around fifteen to twenty inches, giving you that all-important combination of range, power, and accuracy.


While the pump action scout rifle may look like an unusual firearm, function comes first, and we hope this guide highlights some of the advantages of a properly designed and manufactured scout rifle. In the end, the best pump action scout rifle is the one that sticks closest to Colonel Cooper’s vision: a light firearm “that will do a great many things equally well.”

This is not an exhaustive list, and you know your own needs best. But this should serve as a helpful guide in your search for a pump action scout rifle for sale online.