April 16, 2024


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Aramis Perfume: Most Gallant Scents for Men

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Aramis perfume

Fragrances and grooming products are a bit alienating for men. Good thing there are brands like Aramis that make accessing refined scents you’ll desire to wear easier. Aramis perfumes pay tribute to masculinity with spicy, woody notes and classic packaging.

Your perfume is also a precise depiction of your style. Like grooming, you want to look and smell your best. With Aramis’ long list of classic men’s scents, you can select from traditional liquor-infused scents to more botanical aromas. Given the long list of these fearless and daring perfumes, which one should you choose? 

A Little Look Back at Aramis

The Aramis master perfumers are Bernard Chant, Trudi Loren, and Harry Fremont. They created Aramis fragrances in 1963 under the renowned Estee Lauder brand. The goal was to establish premium men’s scent and grooming products in the market, which women had customarily saturated. 

Aramis perfume is dedicated to men who recognize tradition and classic. That is the exact reason why this perfume is always modern.

Top 5 Aramis Perfume 

A pleasing aroma from Aramis perfumes can set the mood and change the ambiance. With such a wide variety, from the earliest edition in 1966 to 2019, it can be challenging to find the right one among all of Aramis’ perfumes. 

These are five of the best Aramis colognes. Use this as a guide to finding a perfume that complements your lifestyle and personality.

Created in 1966, it is a bit old-fashioned, but it’s a fragrance you can’t go wrong with. It is traditional yet remains modern and contemporary. This scent is a dark, sexy, and quite manly fragrance that provides an exceptional deal. It would not last this long if it were awful. 

Aramis Classic keeps the fragrance light with top notes of artemisia, clover, myrrh, bergamot, thyme, and gardenia. The heart notes are patchouli, sage, cardamom, and orris root. Meanwhile, it has grassy, robust base notes of leather, sandalwood, musk, coconut, vetiver, oakmoss, and amber.

Aramis perfume

Devin is a lovely Aramis cologne that has amused men all over the globe since its launch in 1977. This is a very herbal, earthy, and smokey scent.

Aramis Devin recreates the fragrance of the outdoors and puts it into one masculine bottle. It begins with green top notes of galbanum, lavender, and artemisia, while soapy aldehydes bubble beneath the surface and with the freshness of an orange, lemon, and bergamot. These gave way to a heart of pine, jasmine, and carnation garnished with cinnamon and caraway. Base notes of leather accord, labdanum, musk, cedar, oakmoss,  patchouli, and amber linger on the skin.

New West is an authentic spicy 90’s scent. Being both rugged and sophisticated, it’s a green scent for spring and summer. This Aramis perfume’s nautical blue and white bottle lets you know what to expect from this fragrance. It is implicative of a windblown and salty beach. 

The perfume opens with notes of artemisia, lavender, caraway, mint, and bergamot. It is then complemented with the heart notes of jasmine, geranium, watermelon, juniper berries, bay leaf, and coriander seeds. Finally, it concluded with notes of leather, sandalwood, patchouli, amber, musk, oakmoss, and cedar for the base.

New West is long-lasting enough to resist heat, rain, sweat – any elements the outdoors can throw at it. In a world full of citrus and ambroxan fragrances in the summer, New West is a treasure you’ve been looking for. This scent is indeed a huge compliment-getter. 

Tuscany is a fougre from the French term meaning “fern.” This scent is sweet and woody with hints of spice, the most potent being lavender, and anise. It is a man’s best friend in the fragrance world.

Introduced in 1984, Aramis Tuscany is an elegant men’s scent inspired by the green hills, rich fruits, and soothing blue waters of the Mediterranean. Perfume lovers choose it for its robust and full-bodied fragrance. 

The first spray releases sharp citrus top notes like bergamot, lemon, and lime, all reinforced by sensitively sweet lavender. These give way to heart notes of anise, caraway, tarragon, and orange blossom. These notes rest on a musky and slightly spicy base of oakmoss, basil, cinnamon, sandalwood, patchouli, tonka bean, and leather.

This Aramis cologne, released in 1994, is attractive and adventurous. It starts with spicy notes of basil and caraway, topped with a bright twist of mandarin orange. Afterward, it is mixed well with middle notes of tobacco, cinnamon, carnation, and fir, plus base notes of patchouli, oakmoss, sandalwood, and vetiver.

Havana is one of the few exquisitely done tobacco-based perfumes. It’s compelling, masculine, and sophisticated. The various notes in this blend indicate that it is a perfect fit with every season, every climate, and every setting.

Man Up Your Scent With Aramis Perfume

When choosing an Aramis perfume, think about two things – the fragrance family you prefer and the scent concentration you are after. This will help you have the fragrance with quality and longevity that fits your taste.

Every fragrance in this line is an original composition and well blended with excellent adaptation to skin. Man up your signature scent by choosing one of the best Aramis perfumes in the market today.