June 22, 2024


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A Guide to Recycling Used Concrete

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Concrete Recycling

When renovating, demolishing, or even just resurfacing, there is a ton of concrete rubble generated from the work.

While concrete is not harmful to landfill, it is also not healthy, and it is costly. A better way to dispose of rubble is to use a concrete removal company in Milford.

A recycling service can utilize the concrete far more efficiently than the energy needed for mining and sorting new material.

While in the past, discarded building concrete may have been sent to landfills, there are now many services available to help you reuse the concrete to reduce costs and benefit the environment.

What is Concrete Recycling?

A concrete recycling plant essentially crushes and sorts concrete to reuse it as low-strength construction material. The crushing breaks down concrete into gravel-like aggregates. The aggregates are graded to use for different purposes in new building materials.

Metal from the reinforced bar set into construction concrete can be removed and recycled during the process, and this is then also recycled.

Uses for Concrete Recycling

Recycled concrete can be used in screeds and gravel or as filler. Refined recycled concrete is used as an aggregate for new concrete mix. Larger pieces of concrete may be used in structures such as industrial breakwaters, barriers, or non-structural footings.

Restrictions on Material

Concrete needs to be free of garbage and should only contain concrete and rebar; typically, no plastic or paper trash is accepted. Where concrete adheres to a material that cannot be accepted for recycling, a concrete removal spray should be used to free stuck material. Removal sprays break down surface layers through acidic reactions but do not alter the concrete.

concrete removal spray

Benefits of Concrete Recycling

Recycling saves the natural resources required for mining new gravel and concrete aggregates. The process takes considerably fewer resources than mining requires, making it a cheaper option.

The process of recycling creates employment opportunities in the recycling business.

While disposal is a service requiring expenditure, recycling can recoup costs.

Recycling saves construction companies money by reducing the cost of getting rid of waste and turning it into a potential return. Not all recycling plants will pay, but at least the construction company does not need to pay to dispose of concrete.

The carbon footprint is reduced by less energy needed in manufacturing processes of recycled versus new materials, and landfill use is lessened.

Finding a Concrete Recycling Company

If you are looking for a recycling company for your concrete waste, look locally since margins are small and transport will negate the effects. For example, if you are looking in Milford, search specifically for concrete companies Milford.

If You Are Not Recycling, Start Now

With the growing availability of concrete recycling, substantial environmental benefits, and cost benefits to contractors, if you are not recycling, it’s probably time to start.