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5 Types of Earth Removal Equipment

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Moving earth from place A to place B can seem like a daunting task for anyone. Fortunately, there is an earth moving contractors company that can help you handle the task with one of the following kinds of equipment.

1. Excavators


These giants (often called “diggers”) are able to roll on supersized wheels, or they can be put on treads to make it over even the harshest ground. A skilled worker sits in a cab on top of the giant body, which rotates in an almost full circle.

Using hydraulic motors, the worker controls the shovel-like bucket that sits on the end of a long, jointed arm to remove and move dirt. It is even powerful enough to move other machinery easily.

2. Trenchers

“Trencher” is the general term for equipment whose job is to dig trenches. This machinery comes in handy for opening up groundwork to lay pipes or cables. They range in sizes, some so small a person can walk behind them, and some so large they make excavators look small.

Some types of trenchers you might see are chain trenchers, wheel trenchers, or micro trenchers. Looking into the earthmoving contractor’s directory will help you decide which type you might need.

3. Backhoe Loaders

backhoe loader

A backhoe loader (often shortened to just “backhoe”) is another digger similar to an excavator. Much smaller than an excavator, a backhoe’s makeup consists of a tractor-sized body and two hydraulic arms. One of those arms has a front-facing shovel to push and move earth at ground level or above, while the other arm has a shovel similar to that of an excavator.

4. Graders

Like the forward-facing shovel of a backhoe, a grader is used to level the ground around it. Unlike the backhoe, it doesn’t always come with a blade or bucket on the front, although it can have one. What makes these machines special are the side blades, which jut out from a third set of axles in roughly the middle of the unit.

The cab sits on the rear axles, comfortably behind the action. From inside the cab, the worker maneuvers the front axle, equipped with heavy-duty tires, and the middle axle, equipped with blades, to remove rocks, dirt piles, and anything else standing in the way of a flat surface. These machines are especially good at finishing roads and are sometimes even used to shovel snow.

5. Bulldozers


“Bulldozer” is the most commonly thought of equipment when someone mentions moving earth around. These machines are used to push huge amounts of earth, including soil, sand, and stones. Usually, a huge blade-like contraption rests at the end of an arm at the front of the body, and a grabbing device (called a ripper) sits at the rear. The ripper is used to break apart compact minerals.

Bulldozers come in handy at any large construction site and are also put to use in forestry, mining, or quarrying. Similar to the rest of the machines on this list, the worker controls the equipment on a bulldozer using a hydraulic system.

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