April 23, 2024


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Whether you’re looking to bring on the right team to help with house painting, commercial painting, or any sort of building makeover, finding the best contractors for the job and ensuring the project is a huge success can get tricky. With some help from our friends at B&B Painting – Home Painters Ottawa, we’ve summarized a few tips to help you ensure your painting endeavor is a masterpiece and doesn’t break the bank.

Finding the right contractor

There are endless companies, big and small, that specialize in residential, commercial, and industrial painting services, but how do you determine the good from the bad? The good from the best?

The most important factor is past work and references. Have they worked on large projects before? Do they have a reasonable amount of positive reviews? Don’t be afraid to ask for references from past clients, and if they are not willing to provide those, it is a huge red flag.

Consider their processes in quoting the project. Did they have a representative visit and view the property? Did they thoroughly examine all areas that need to be repainted? It’s important to ensure they are fully aware of the scope of the project, so you don’t encounter any unexpected expenses mid-project.

Consider a color consultant

As straightforward as it sounds, this is overlooked by many. Consider the type of building you are painting. Is it a retail business? Look into what colors will affect people psychologically, and how certain colors can influence purchase behavior. Are you an IT services firm? Again, think about what color will improve your professional appearance to clients and customers, and increase the likelihood of purchases occurring.

If you don’t have time, or aren’t the artsy type, definitely consider hiring a color consultant. While it is an extra expense, the comparable cost of a bad paint job is much pricier!

Look for the deals

Call around and chat with a few different painting companies in Ottawa, and ask about their schedules. Many good businesses will be willing to provide a discount on services if they can fit you into their slow period.

For Ottawa House Painters, the slow season is the colder months, while the busy season is during the summer. Many organizations are happy to book well into the future, and in exchange for an assurance of winter projects, are willing to lower their regular rates to seal the deal.

House painting prices in Ottawa can range dramatically, and so can commercial painting rates, but you’ll never know what you can get without fielding a few quotes and asking for the “slow season” rates!

Time is money!

While professional painting companies have a slow season, you also have a busy season to protect. Planning the right time to have renovations performed on your commercial building is essential to maintain revenue and ensure stability. When is your slow season? The best time to complete a new paint project is when it will affect your customers the least. Bonus points if it comes during a painting company slow season!

Don’t skimp on materials & services

While we are always looking for a good price on any work performed by contractors, we are also looking to find a contractor that uses quality materials and performs essential services that produce high-quality output. Steps like sanding, caulking for cracks and holes, and pressure washing are all key steps in any paint project.

Make sure that your chosen contractor performs these as part of their quote, and is willing to use high-quality materials to ensure your paint job lasts for decades to come, it will save you money in the long run.