June 16, 2024


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5 Facts You Never Knew About Car Rental Dublin Airport

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Car Rental Dublin Airport

Car Rental Dublin Airport is an ever growing business as the number of people visiting Dublin Airport is growing each year. In 2017 over 29 million people travelled through Dublin Airport, and that number grew to 31.5 million in 2018.  They estimate that about 13% of passengers rent a car, so as you can see, the need for many car hire providers and for a great service is also growing!

While you will want to spend your time focusing on the fun and exciting aspects of your holiday in Ireland, it is always good to be prepared in advance for your trip, so as to minimize stress and maximize your holiday time. That said, we have a few important facts about Car Rental Dublin Airport that you may want to take into consideration!

1. Who actually hires cars in Dublin Airport?

Most people hiring cars in Dublin Airport are either Business Plans people, Irish people living abroad and coming home to see family, or those millions of tourists looking to explore Ireland and all it´s natural beauty. Tourists looking to check out only Dublin city, tend to take a bus into the city and explore on foot. The rest of Ireland is better to see in a rental car, as you can make your own plan and find all the wonderful small towns, bays, views and attractions and soak up that Irish charm.

2. The Busiest times in Dublin Airport

Many flights land in the early morning including many Ryanair flights and also the flights landing from America. This is a very busy time for the car rental desks in Dublin airport, so if you are landing early, make sure you have your car booked in advance, so that you save a lot of time at the desk, and also get the type of car that you want, and of course, holiday and peak summer times only add to the demand for cars.  

3. Where are the desks for Dublin Airport Rental Car located?!

There are two terminals in Dublin Airport, and of the main airlines flying from Dublin, T1 is predominantly serviced by Ryanair, and T2 is mostly used by AerLingus. Car rental Dublin airport is offered from both terminals, and the main providers such as Hertz, Avis, Europcar, enterprise, Budget, Dooley and Sixt, all have desks in located in both terminals. Other smaller providers usually have a relationship with the bigger providers and use their desks to service customers.  Keep an eye on your rental voucher to see exactly where you need to go.

4. How do I get to my Car?

Car Rentals from Dublin airport can usually be picked up directly from the terminal or you get a bus from outside the terminal that will bring you to the car rental village near the airport. The buses are frequent and the drive usually takes about 5 minutes. It is no problem when collecting your car, but remember to calculate in the extra time when you are dropping your car back!

5. Which side of the Road to they drive on in Ireland?

In Ireland, you drive on the left hand side of the road and the steering wheel in on the right! Weird for anyone coming from America or mainland Europe. I drive regularly on both sides of the road, in Ireland and Europe, and while the first few minutes are sometimes weird, a little trick I learned is to put a hair band on my right hand to remind me where the center of the road is!

Enjoy your trip and happy driving in Ireland.