July 24, 2024


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4 Strange Cremation Stories

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Cremation Stories

If you think that recycling of crematory implants is the strangest thing that could happen during or after cremation, you’re very, very wrong.

Below are 4 face-palm worthy true stories of cremation gone wrong. We can’t make this expletive deleted up.

  1. Smoke Him If You’ve Got Him

    Rappers Young Noble and E.D.I. Mean, members of the Outlaws Collective admitted during an interview to rolling some of the late, great, Tupac Shakur’s cremated remains into a blunt and smoking him on a beach as a way to pay their respects to their friend.

    When asked why they claimed it was what Tupac would have wanted. To be fair, Tupac DID reference this exact thing in the lyrics of his song, “Black Jesus.” Regardless, Tupac’s family was reportedly not thrilled to hear it had been done.

    Don’t Try This at Home, Dog

    Imagine for a moment that you’ve found your beloved rottweiler has passed away quietly at home. Now, imagine that no one you call – pet shelters, veterinary clinics – is available to come and pick up your pooch’s body for cremation, and you don’t have the means to transport them yourself (rottweilers are heavy, especially dead ones). What would you do?

    A gentleman from Virginia found himself in exactly this predicament. His solution was to get creative and attempt a DIY cremation at home. He built a funeral pyre around his dog’s body in the yard, added some gasoline, and lit it up. Unfortunately, he also lit the back of his house on fire. His creativity cost him around $70,000 in damages to the house and a fine for illegal outdoor burning. No word on the cost to his dignity.

  2. Say No to Drugs – and Ashes

    Kids do some pretty stupid things. Three youths in Missouri are a fine example of this. After learning via Facebook that acquaintances of theirs would be out of town for a few days, they broke in and burgled their house. The teens made off with cash, jewelry, electronics, prescription drugs, and the cremated remains of the homeowner’s father.

    According to one of the burglars, the kids mistook the cremains for cocaine. When they eventually discovered their error, they dumped the ashes out the window of their getaway car, making recovery impossible.

    Dumb AND rude – it’s a dreadful combination.

  3. A Big Problem

Obesity has been well-documented as a health care crisis in the United States – it makes sense that it would also present complications for after-death care.

A crematorium in Virginia that specializes in cremation for larger bodies discovered this the hard way. On a day like any other, workers set about cremating an 800-pound corpse.

The corpse, however, was responsible for setting the facility on fire.

The crematorium manager believes the volume of fat and oil from the body caused the oven to overheat. He also believes the fat may have exploded and spread up into the chimney stack, allowing the fire to spread and set the roof of the crematorium ablaze.

Luckily, none of the three employees at work that day were injured.