June 16, 2024


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10 Things You Want to know About Outstanding Nurseries in Manchester

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The fundamental decision of sending your child off to a day nursery is probably the biggest one you are ever going to take! You of course love your child and you just want to ensure you are giving them everything they need and every bit of care that they deserve. You are of course, a concerned parent and you are the one with an important question going in their head “which one is an outstanding nursery near me?”

Yes it is the hardest decision you ever had to make, but we are here for you!

To help you parents out, we have compiled together a small list of things you would want to know about outstanding nurseries in Manchester!

1 What are their opening and closing times?

The biggest thing you would want to know before settling for a nursery in Manchester is their opening and closing times. If you are a working parent, this becomes an extremely important factor before you enroll your child in a nursery. This becomes even more important when you do not have an employer who appreciates flexibilities. You would then be looking for options where in dropping and collecting your child coincides with your schedule as well. It would be a win-win for both you and your child this way!

2 Do you see love around you?

When doing the rounds, choosing the right nursery for your child notice how the nursery teachers and caregivers interact with other, already enrolled children. Do they bend down on the floor to talk to them? Do they hold them closer on their laps when they talk? Or do they do something completely opposite. Chances are, if they are bending down, are on the floor or holding the child closer to them on their laps, they are creating a great environment for the young souls. They are making them feel the tenderness, the warmth and the love children at this age require!

3 Are your policies different?

Parenting styles can vary, but when it comes to a common notion of protecting children, almost every parent on the planet would unite! Ensuring your parenting policy and the policy of the nursery school match up to a certain extent is a great idea! Enquire beforehand, what are their discipline methods, what are their TV habits, what are their snacking and feeding habits, or what are their sleeping habits. If their policies about these very small habits match with your parenting policies, give the school a shot right away!

4 Will your child be attending school when they are sick?

Another policy you need to get a check on is the school’s policy for sickness. What are the exact symptoms that provide a child stay at home and what exactly is okay when it comes to sickness and going to school? As a caregiver and a parent, you need to ensure the definition of sickness for you and your child’s nursery school is the same! You would not want to be surprised later.

5 Make sure you are communicating

A nursery child is probably too young to communicate his/her needs properly, which is why you would have to rely on the expertise and guidance of the teacher and caregiver at school when it comes to knowing about your child. Ensure you get an insight into your child’s habits almost every day. For this, you would want to ensure you are comfortable communicating with the teachers at school in person!

6 Is your child going to learn?

This is another major thing you would want to know before you send your child off to a nursery school near you. Of course, playtime is an important aspect of your child’s development but if they are only indulged in their playtime, chances are the school no matter how prestigious, is not great for your child. Your child should be making educational progress at an early stage, no matter how minute. They are supposed to be feeling love, respect, safety, all the time, while playing or while studying. If the nursery is right for your child, they would understand a balanced way of caregiving, which involves both learning and playing. This lays an excellent foundation for your kid’s future.

7 Diversity?

Your child is going to an outstanding nursery in Manchester, however, do they know a world exists right outside Manchester as well? Is the nursery you are sending them to educating them about other cultures and people and their beliefs as well? If your child is going for a holistic way of developing and growing, he/she should be made aware about the wider world that surrounds Manchester. They should know the different kinds of backgrounds, religions, beliefs, cultures, even festivals. This ensures your child is off to a great start as being a good human in future.

8 Is the environment child-friendly?

The environment your child is being introduced to at the nursery school is going to be way different than the one you created for them at home. This is of course going to happen; this change is inevitable. However, do you really feel the environment of the nursery is great for your child? Do you feel the environment is engaging the children, the right amount of resources and toys are available to the children and everything is well-thought and put-together? Natural resources and materials are going to induce your children to learn better and being better humans. This will also promote additional learning. Everything plastic is not fun, no matter how alluring it looks!

9 Are the essentials covered?

Sending your child to a nursery is of course going to ask for a cost. However, does the total amount you spend covers all the nappies, baby formula, food and drinks for your child? Is the nutrition that is being provided to your child at the nursery okay? Do the nutritional elements change regularly or is everything the same every day? Moreover, the food your child consumes, is it fresh? Ensure your cost covers what is best for your child!

10 Is this okay?

Sending a special child to a nursery is a lot different than sending other children. Without meaning anything offensive, we just want to make sure that you as a parent of a special child are able to provide a safe environment for your child, even when you are not around. Children with special needs do require special attention and other resources. Make sure the school you choose has everything!