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10 Awesome Things you can Learn from Studying Dentists Coaching

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Things you can Learn from Studying Dentists Coaching

The independent dentist faces most of the same tasks as any other business – marketing, finance, human resources, facilities, etc. – but has the added complication of being a healthcare provider. The independent dentist is at a further disadvantage in that he or she is typically operating as both owner and practitioner. Unfortunately, the business education provided in dental school only covers the basics. One critical element of success in any business is learning to leverage outside experts when and where it makes sense to do so. For the independent dentist, the experts are dental coaches. 

Everyone can benefit from a coach’s input into their pursuit. Indeed, chances are good that you are an excellent clinician, but if your practice is not meeting your business expectations, you have to work on being open to outside help. Often, all it takes to achieve the practice of your dreams is working with and studying a dentist coach to examine your business systems and provide guidance in implementing needed improvements.

10 Awesome things you can learn from studying dentists coaching:

Things you can Learn from Studying Dentists Coaching

1.Dentist Coaching gives you a new perspective

All business coaches offer a valuable, new outside perspective. Not only can they step into your office and look at the numbers to analyze the challenges you are facing, but they also have the knowledge and education to give you solutions. As a dentist, it can be difficult to keep track of the business portion of your practice, especially when you are devoting your time and energy to serving your patients. 

For example, it is more difficult for dentists to gauge how well their front office staff, such as the receptionist is handling patients when answering the phone. That is why All-Star Dental Academy offers courses on dental phone call training online. Dental receptionist phone skills training is crucial in showing that you care, especially since it leaves a long-term impression of your dental office. It is extremely important to provide callers with an excellent new patient experience. It also bestows a positive mindset on new patients when they come into your office for the first time. 

2.Clinical skills are important, but your patient assumes you are competent

All-Star Dental Academy is a big proponent of honing clinical skills – my father is a Fellow of the AGD – but you must understand that clinical skills are not enough on their own to promise success. 

Treating patients is the culmination of lots of non-clinical work. Patients have no way of judging the quality of their skills before they decide to put their health in their hands. Instead, they use all the things surrounding your practice (marketing messages, website, the expertise of the receptionist/new patient coordinator, the state of the office, and more) to inform expectations for their visit to your office. And it is in these areas of a practice that a dental coach, combined with online dental training for the team, can help your practice take off.

3.Key ingredients for success

Key ingredients for success

The key to dental practice success lies in a combination of efficiency and skill. Efficient scheduling and treatment help you get the most production out of every minute of the workday and every square foot of the practice. Team skills help you get the most out of every new patient opportunity. Team skills also help patients to show up to their appointments, improves collections, and promote referrals. Finally, top-notch clinical skills will ensure that your patient has an incredible patient experience. And a dental coach can help you fine-tune systems and team skills.

Dental coaching and online dental training programs offer powerful, convenient, and high-value guidance to dentists with the goal of helping them achieve their potential.  


4.Learning more about yourself – are you open to change?

I can usually tell within a few moments of conversation if a potential client is a good fit for All-Star Dental Academy’s virtual dentist coaching and team training programs. 

The one factor that determines the degree of success a dentist has with a coach is their approach to growth. A “growth” mindset (or attitude if you prefer) is one where change is part of a natural cycle. A “fixed” mindset fears change and refuse to acknowledge the ability of an individual or group to improve skills. 

A “fixed mindset” assumes that character, intelligence, and creative ability are static – unchanging even in the face of opportunity. A “growth mindset,” in contrast, thrives on change and sees failure as an opportunity to grow. 

Alignment with one of these two mindsets determines much of our personality – how we relate to the world – and are strong indicators of the chances that an opportunity for growth results in positive change. 

A dental coach trying to work with a client with a fixed mindset dentist is usually a losing proposition. People with fixed mindsets say, “It’s not my fault!” Growth mindsets, on the other hand, say, “What can I do to fix this?” No dental coach can help if you are not willing to change in ways that lead to success. And most of the time, that change begins with your openness.

5.A dental coach can help you create a legitimate business plan 

Studying what a dental coach teaches can help you build a business plan that is grounded in reality and gives you the ability to actually put improvements into action no matter if the changes are short- or long-term. When you first wanted to become a dentist, you might have not thought about adopting a business map, or a detailed roadmap about where you would like to be with your practice in the span of a five- or ten-year projection. Some of you might not have a plan and are running your dental business day by day, adopting new methods and changing based on what works and does not work. This may have sufficed for a time, but now you may be confronting some challenges, unsatisfied with your results, and feeling frustrated about living to your vision and values for your business. Dental business coaches will assist in refining your branding and marketing opportunities in order to make way for your new successful dental practice that sets you on the trajectory to success. 



You might have had a plan but holding yourself accountable to follow through with it might not have been as prosperous as you hoped it would be. It can be extremely difficult especially since there is so much to worry about throughout the day, making it extremely easy to become distracted and lose sight of your goals. All-Star Dental Academy’s dental business coaching will hold you accountable, consistently checking on your progress and providing our service to you, ensuring that you reach your dental practice goals. 

7.Gaining Confidence by overcoming challenges

Challenges are difficult for a reason. They are there to push you further, but how to approach them can become an even more daunting task. Dental business coaches are the experts in their field, so why not get an expert’s support and advice to help you climb over those tribulations? There is also another way of looking at challenges. For example, your dental practice may not be exceeding your expectations because you have not been challenged enough. In that case, a dental business coach can be that person to create goals for you and your business in order to strive for more; all in favor of improving the business aspect of your office. 

Sometimes all that is needed is a little push. A hint of confidence can go a long way, and having a cheerleader like All-Star Dental Academy, will bring you the motivation and support that you need to keep your dental practice afloat. The great thing about having a dental business coach is that they understand what you are going through. They know about the ups and downs that come with having to work with multiple things at once in order to maintain a stable business. Having someone with this insight, standing by your side, and displaying their approval when things seem to be making a turn for the better should be a morality booster. With the added confidence, you can feel better about facing the future whether you decide to expand your dental practice or just take on any new challenges and opportunities that come your way. 


They are also there to motivate you. All-Star Dental Academy’s dental coaches want you to succeed. They know the everyday challenges that come with being a dentist, having to take care of patients, as well as keeping an eye on staff to ensure they are following through on their tasks. 

We strive to inspire, guide and empower you to be the best that you can be. You wanted to be a dentist for a reason and perhaps were simply thrown into the role of being the owner of your own dental practice. It is a lot of work and when doing multiple things at once, you can become easily distracted. Onsite dental training with a dental coach will guide you in the right direction and be there to ensure that you are staying consistent, following the trajectory of your business map.


While it takes time to cultivate a business, an All-Star dentist coach has the ability to help you achieve quick and meaningful results. In fact, by implementing what we call “Moneyball,” your coach can quickly pay for him or herself with improvements to the business. 

Long term results come from incremental improvements, but you must be patient. Think of online dental practice as a big boat. It’s difficult to make sharp quick turns without upsetting everyone on board. Also, a dental coach cannot magically fix your dental business by themselves. It is a real team effort, and everyone needs to buy into the ideas to make change happen. Everyone in the practice must be willing to put in the work. But when that happens, the results will be extremely gratifying. 

10.A focus on the fundamentals

Just as all-star athletes train on the fundamentals all the time (for example, Michael Jordan would shoot free throws for an hour after every practice) having a strong foundation is an extremely important aspect of keeping your business intact, and a dental business coach is there to guide you. 

All-Star Dental Academy offers great dental coaching programs. Not only do they have the training to seek out problems, All-Star Dental Academy dental coaches understand, through experience, that if you or your team is missing fundamentals inpatient service, but you will also suffer.

Get in touch with an All-Star Dental Academy and we can have a conversation about all ten of these things and how they can help you get to where you want to be.

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