a (very) useful search agent, 576 trees planted on its account


  • Search from any application
  • Use any search engine
  • Powerful clipboard holder
  • Fast extensions (micro apps)
  • Basic statistics support

Latest Release

  • This release focuses on improving...
  • ... clipboard handling!
  • Quite a few core improvements
  • Few fixes (shutd. bug in Options fixed)
  • Changelog


Transfz, the free search agent that is...
Lean and Feature Filled
Quickly launch a lookup in any online search engine or dictionary through the Global Menu. Searches can be performed from all applications - you are no longer bound to the browser. Assign hotkeys directly to search engines so that one key press can look up a term directly online quicker than ever before. Extend the clipboard; insert text by selecting among the last 5-30 entries of copied text, an immense time saver for professional/power users.
Allowing you to work faster
Basic statistics allows you to keep a track of how much faster you work when using Transfz. This is achieved by using a realistic estimate on how long time you would use to conduct a search by typing it in manually (try 9 seconds) versus using the Global Menu of Transfz. Notice, this estimates are conservative - especially since they do not take into account the usage of extensions which can yield huge time savings. Put a program to use that will subtract from your workload.
Use Extensions to do any sort of task, including text or code manipulation. A number of extensions are already available in the default Transfz installation. These extensions are script based and can themselves be used as a foundation to write virtually any type of extension. The ext`s can call external executable files or scripts and so Transfz can be extended with many languages, AutoIt, .NET, C++, Visual Basic, Delphi, PHP, and many more. Extensions bundled with default install include: Easily convert UPPER case to lower case without having to do any re-typing, Do search and replace in any editable field (your mail application for an example) and more.
Small and Modular
Transfz is built as a modular application both from a user standpoint and from a technical perspective: Options, About and Help features are separated from the main program which means that the GUI and graphics do not take up system resources.
The modular design leads to a fast and smooth experience of Transfz as a integrated utility (complete program is a small executable, only ~400KB). The basic idea here is to ultimately NOT notice the program once you have become acquainted with its main features.

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Browser Search

Text Transform

Clipboard Feature